Birthday Sluts

/ October 22, 2006

Jeff Goldblum (54)
Jonathan Lipnicki (16)
Zac Hanson (21)
Michael Fishman (25)
Shelby Lynne (38)
Shaggy (38)
Brian Boitano (43)
Bill Condon (51)
Catherine Deneuve (63)
Annette Funicello (64)
Tony Roberts (67)
Christopher Lloyd (68)

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Our New Home!

/ October 21, 2006

Welcome to Dlisted’s new home! We are finally off of blogger, it was giving me seizures! Hooray! We’re still working out the kinks and have yet to move over the archives, so bear with our asses. You can still view the old archives at our blogspot home.

Be sure to check out the forum and shit.

xoxoxoxMichael K

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How to Ensure You Look Gorgeous in a Picture…

/ October 21, 2006

Stand next to hag-faced Rachel Zoe! This lovely woman is pretty average looking, but next to Rachel she looks like a damn Goddess. She’s like fucking Athena next to Medusa. Poor Rachel, I feel sorry for her but bitch should lay off the meth. Why? Because it gives you meth face! These pictures are from last night at Curve restaurant in Los Angeles. Bitch probably sent diners running for the toilet. I’m awful, but I’m just saying. Truth hurts.


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Someone Stick Her Fake Leg Down Her Throat, Already!

/ October 21, 2006

Heather Mills shocking claims that Paul McCartney beat her down surprised everyone. The one-legged hag claimed that Paul choked her ass and threw her on a coffee table. She also claimed that Paul would not let her breast feed their child, because her breasts belonged to him. Heather is known for being a lying whore. Her own father and brother have said that she has been known to stretch the truth.

She now claims that Paul also delivered regular beatings to his first wife, Linda. There was never any evidence that Linda was abused. Linda McCartney passed away years ago of Cancer.

A friend of Heather’s said, “She told me that he did to Linda what he did to her. She says that staff of Paul’s told her that Linda had also suffered abuse.”

Heather wants half of Paul’s fortune and will do anything to get it. Dumb ass hog. I’m sure she will claim next that Paul abused Stella.


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Get Off the Damn Table!!

/ October 21, 2006

Nicole Richie spend the evening of October 19th standing on a table at Area in Los Angeles. Sometimes, crotch shots are hot. In this case I feel like I’m looking at the undies of a 8-year-old or an 87-year-old woman. Both images disgust me. Source

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