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Marc Anthony Didn’t Even Realize His Accountant Swindled Him For $9 Million

June 12, 2018 / Posted by:

I mainly look at Marc Anthony and think of one of Cleopatra’s ancient Roman tricks, his song that made it on one of my NOW CDs from the 90s, and for being the ex-Mr. Jennifer Lopez. But I guess his money man looked at him for the last eight years and thought, “Hello, endless ATM.” Marc’s bookkeeper admitted Monday to stealing over $9 million from Marc between 2009 and 2017, and Marc is apparently so rich that he was just like, “I knew I lost some coins in the couch, but I didn’t know it was that much!Continue reading

Marc Anthony Has Moved On To A 21-Year-Old Model

February 17, 2017 / Posted by:

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez couldn’t make it work, but at least they can still bond over their love of dating people who can’t remember watching Friends on Thursday nights.

Two months after Marc Anthony called it quits with his third wife Shannon De Lima (and days since their divorce was finalized), we’re finding out that 48-year-old Marc has a new girlfriend. And just like the last one, she’s a way-younger model. TMZ says that Marc has been rubbing his sensual skeletal bits on a 21-year-old model from Miami named Mariana Downing.


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Fun fact: Mariana is two years younger than Marc’s daughter Ariana and five years older than his son Cristian.

Marc and Mariana got together shortly after Shannon hit the road back in November. They reportedly met at a dinner party. Marc and Mariana exchanged numbers, and he called her the next day. Marc and Mariana got real serious, real fast. She has accompanied him to one of his shows, and E! News says they spend New Year’s Eve together in the Dominican Republic.

Sources say they’ve been together ever since they met at that dinner party. Duh! Marc is middle-aged, rich and famous and Mariana is a hot young model. If they didn’t get together, I’m pretty sure none of us would be here today. The Earth would have shifted on its axis from the disruption in the universe. As the tides swallowed us whole, God would be standing there scratching his head in confusion, like “What the hell? This has never happened before.



Marc Anthony Is Officially Getting Divorced

December 19, 2016 / Posted by:

Shortly after Marc Anthony got semi-romantic with JLo on stage at the Latin Grammys last month, people couldn’t help but notice that his latest wife, Shannon De Lima, was strangely missing from the audience. The reason she wasn’t there was because Marc and Shannon had separated. They have now decided to change their situation from “taking a break” to “adding another name to Marc Anthony’s list of ex-wives.

48-year-old Marc and 28-year-old Shannon released a statement today confirming that they’re divorcing:

“After much consideration, we have mutually and amicably decided to end our two year marriage. We ask for privacy during this difficult process, and no further comments will be made from either one of us about this personal matter.”

Skeletor didn’t have any kids with Shannon, so the only thing they’ll get to argue over in divorce court will be money and whatever she wants from Snake Mountain. No word on exactly what killed Shannon and Marc’s marriage, but a source tells People it probably had something to do with Marc always working.

“Marc is so busy with his career, touring and recording that he distances himself from his relationships without even knowing it. Even with his wife in tow, she can feel like he is on another planet. Marc likes to have a woman at home but he also likes to live like a bachelor. This doesn’t work for very long.”

I wonder what living like a bachelor means to Marc. Marc is rich, so something tells me his bachelor behavior is just a little different from the average bachelor. He’s probably still eating cereal on the couch in his underwear, except Marc’s balls are hanging out of 100% organic cashmere and his Fruity Pebbles are being eaten out of a hand-cut diamond.


Marc Anthony Might Want JLo Back

December 1, 2016 / Posted by:

If it feels like only two weeks ago that Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez decided to join forces to drum up some much needed attention, that’s because it was! JLo’s been in the “news” recently for breaking up with Gold Digging minor leaguer Casper Smart, but some of us flushed Skeletor down the gossip memory hole right around the time he and JLo split. Marc wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to be talked about and now we have mysterious “sources” telling US Weekly that he wants his ex-wife back.

The Latin singer is “still in love” with Lopez, 47, a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly, and he “is trying to get back together with her.”

Though sources tell Us that Anthony’s marriage to De Lima, 28, had long been troubled, the insider says, “As soon as he heard Jennifer split with Casper, he wanted out.”

Naturally, Gossip Cop is saying UsWeekly’s story is a load of shit, so maybe these sources haven’t actually witnessed the power of their sweet music-making? Who knows.

They have kids together and presumably spend at least some time in each other’s company, so I’m not sure why he’s gone all Sigourney Weaver circa Gorillas in the Mist about it. I have to hope he didn’t actually break off his marriage to that gorgeous Venezuelan model to try to woo JLo back. Unless they really up the antics. A telenovela starring these two might be exactly what I need this Christmas.

Pic: Wenn


JLo’s Homewrecking Lips Destroyed Skeletor’s Latest Marriage (Not Really)

November 18, 2016 / Posted by:

Last night, Jennifer Lopez decided that she wanted to feel the cold and chilling touch of Skeletor’s lips again and so they kissed onstage at the Latin Grammy Awards. And today we find out that Marc Anthony’s marriage to his third wife Shannon De Lima is sinking to the bottom of the moat around Castle Grayskull after only 2 years of being married. JLo’s chocha reportedly doesn’t have anything to do with this break-up, but if it did, homewreckers would proclaim her their new Jedi homewrecking master for fucking up the marriage that came before and after hers. That takes skill!

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Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Got Themselves A Little Attention Last Night

November 18, 2016 / Posted by:

Jennifer Lopez dumped Casper Smart two months ago, which means she’s free to do whatever she wants with her business. And apparently one of the things she wanted was to go to town on Marc Anthony’s mouth in front of an audience of a huge audience at the Latin Grammys last night in Las Vegas. Just a reminder that Marc Anthony is currently married to someone not named Jennifer Lopez.

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