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Taylor Kinney Is Sorry For Kinda-Shading Lady Gaga On Instagram

February 28, 2019 / Posted by:

Nothing spooks the world like the Beyhive on Twitter, but their T.J. Maxx version, Lady Gaga’s Monsters, also really know how to wear a bitch down – just ask Ed Sheeran. Lady Gaga’s ex-fiancée – no, not THAT onethe other oneTaylor Kinney was on Instagram the other night, and when a fan said he got out just in time before Gaga became #Hollyweird, Tay liked the comment. Since Monsters are rational, they let him go along in peace. Oh, never mind. They lost their shit, so Taylor is now out with a mea culpa.

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Taylor Kinney Got Shady Over Lady Gaga On Social Media

February 27, 2019 / Posted by:

I can’t believe it’s been nearly three years since Lady Gaga split up with my only reason to watch NBC: Chicago Fire panty dropper Taylor Kinney. Gaga and Taylor tried to make it seem like it was all just bad timing and that they’re really good friends who support each other through thick and thin, y’all! Alas, Taylor may have just proven he’s as much of a bitter, petty ex as the rest of us.

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Taylor Kinney Really Wants To Get Back Together With Lady Gaga

August 11, 2016 / Posted by:

Last month, people started whispering that the romance between Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney had gone bad (almost as bad as that joke). Not too long after, Gaga tapped the metaphorical mic and announced that it wasn’t bad, just stale enough to be taking a break. Gaga explained she didn’t know what was going to happen to them, but that she believed they were soulmates and hoped they could work it out. Taylor, on the other hand, appears to be a whole lot less que sera, sera about the whole thing.

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Lady Gaga Says She And Taylor Kinney Are Just On A Break

July 20, 2016 / Posted by:

Yesterday, everyone reported that Lady Gaga’s relationship with Taylor Kinney was as dead as her dream of hearing her name called out by Anthony Anderson during the Emmy nominations. They were done! Over! The tacky engagement ring was off! And a blind item may have been solved! Last night, Lady Gaga hopped on Instagram to confirm the news herself, except she had just one teensy little correction to make. Their love isn’t 100% dead, it’s just in a coma.

Gaga took a break from her Mexican vacation to post a black and white picture of herself and Taylor looking like a a couple of hipster Precious Moments figurines with a caption about how they’re “soulmates.” It’s very ‘soap opera character talking to themselves in a mirror’, which is pretty much what I’d expect from Gaga. For full effect, wipe a thin layer of Vaseline over your screen and throw on the theme from Love Story.

I, for one, can completely relate to that. I’m currently in a long-distance relationship with the Cheesecake Factory. I don’t know why Canadians love that shit, we just do. I’ve been in love with them from the very first second that artery-clogging sweet cheese hit my lips. Sadly, the closest location to me requires a $500 plane ticket and a few days off work. The last time I saw them was two months ago. Sure, I can eat a President’s Choice frozen cheesecake at home, but it’s just not the same. Thinking about it almost makes me cry. If I’m getting this sentimental over crappy cheesecake, I can only imagine how it feels for Gaga and Taylor. Getting regular pussy and dick is right up there with cheesecake.



Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney’s Relationship Has Hit Its Expiration Date

July 19, 2016 / Posted by:

This will be very sad news for anyone who was waiting with anticipation to see what kind of busted bridal-style nonsense Lady Gaga would bring to her wedding. On the plus side, I’m sure we’ll all be happy to read some news about a famous person named Taylor that isn’t about Taylor Swift. After five years together, TMZ says that Lady Gaga and her fiancé Taylor Kinney are over. Gaga split with Taylor before she got married to him? How very un-Madonna of her.

Sources say Gaga and Taylor called it quits earlier this month, but can’t say who dumped who. TMZ says Gaga sort-of subtly confirmed she was un-engaged last week by strutting around Malibu without the giant swap meet-looking engagement ring Taylor gave her on Valentine’s Day in 2015. Gaga is currently in Cabo San Lucas and TMZ says she’s been seen without her ring there too.

Gaga and Taylor met on the set of the video for “You and I” back in 2011. They share two French bulldogs, Koji and Miss Asia Kinney, and a “But why???“-worthy post-sex nude cover for V magazine.

Neither Gaga nor Taylor have said anything about this yet. Taylor seems like a quiet type, so I don’t know if we should expect him to say much about this situation. Gaga, on the other hand. I’m actually a little shocked she didn’t announce the news herself by stepping out of her apartment wearing a cape made from torn-up wedding invitations and a bikini made from moldy wedding cake samples with glittery blue tears painted on her face.

UsWeekly is also confirming that Gaga and Taylor are over. No word on who the source of this information is. My guess is the press were tipped off by that engagement ring, and it did it for revenge. And I don’t blame it. I’d spill the tea too if Gaga left my ass at home in a boring old jewelry box while she went and partied it up in Cabo. Rings deserve a vacation too, Gaga!

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