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Marisa Abela From “Industry” Is Reportedly In Talks To Play Amy Winehouse In Upcoming Biopic

July 29, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s hard to believe it’s been eleven years since Amy Winehouse passed away at age 27. Her life was a tumultuous barrage of insanity that mirrored her songs, yet her music has endured and will always be considered some of the best of all time. In that respect, of course, Hollywood is turning Amy’s life story into an upcoming Mitch Winehouse-approved biopic titled Back To Black, directed and co-written by Sam Taylor-Johnson.  The film is still in the developmental stages, but there are a few actresses being considered for the role. And one of them, Marisa Abela, has come out of the gate leading the pack as a frontrunner for consideration.

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A New Amy Winehouse Biopic Was Just Announced, But Mitch Winehouse Says It’ll Never Happen

September 1, 2021 / Posted by:

It’s been just over ten years since Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning at age 27. A fact that makes me feel equal parts old and sad. Earlier this week Halycon Studios announced that they’re working on a biopic about Amy, based on Daphne Barak’s 2010 book Saving Amy. Daphne spent six months filming and interviewing Amy in the last three years of her life. Daphne amassed over forty hours of footage, which she used to write her book. But after Halycon and Daphne made their biopic plans public, Amy’s dad, Mitch Winehouse, called up TMZ (he still has them on speed dial!) and told them there’s no way it’ll ever get made cuz it’s “100% not allowed.” Mitch says that Amy’s estate (he’s the administrator) has plans for their own biopic and they own all the rights. All of them! And they’re gonna be the ones to squeeze every penny outta honor Amy’s legacy!

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Amy Winehouse’s Family Is Planning A Biopic On Her Life

October 15, 2018 / Posted by:

She may have lost out on Mary Poppins, but if you start seeing Anne Hathaway strutting around in short shorts, a beehive hairdo, and a missing front tooth, you’ll know she has her eye on a new prize. Things must be getting a little tight in the Winehouse household because just days after the late Amy Winehouse’s dad, Mitch Winehouse, revealed he is pursuing a hologram concert of her that nobody asked for, there is now going to be a biopic of her life.

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But What Does Mitch Winehouse Think?

April 27, 2013 / Posted by:

Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch Winehouse supposedly told the Daily Mail last week that the cover of Back to Black that Beyonce and Andre 3000 did for The Great Gatsby remake didn’t make his ear holes tingle. Mitch said that he never approved it, but he doesn’t really have a problem with it since they paid a lot of money (the rumor is $100,000) for the rights and that money is going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The full version leaked last night and Mitch went on Twatter and said that he likes Beyonce’s part, but Andre 3000’s part should be torched and its ashes should be molded into a butt plug and shoved up an alley rat’s ass.

I like Beyonces cover and have no probs. monies received will help lots of kids. She can do another cover if she wants. We need the money!

I just heard the Andre part of Back to Black. Terrible. He should have let Beyonce do it all.

The full cover is below and Andre 3000’s part does sound like a wreck. He sounds like he has the hiccups, the burps and the heaves. I don’t even know what he’s doing. It’s like he’s doing vocal warm-ups while a crab tickles his anus. And Beyonce sounds like Beyonce.

And does anybody know which radio station this came from? I don’t think they said it.

Breathing In Weed Smoke And Playing With Drugs: The Life Of Diddy’s Twins

April 11, 2013 / Posted by:

Kim Porter, the mother of Diddy’s twin daughters, has been sued by a former nanny who claims that the 6-year-old girls were always breathing in weed smoke and got into their mommy’s stash of white powder more than once. That’s like something straight of White Oprah’s book on parenting.

TMZ says that in the lawsuit, the former nanny Dawn Drago claims that Kim Porter toked up day and night and when she complained about how the smoke kept making her choke, she was fired and shown the door. Dawn Drago also claims in her lawsuit that Kim not only smoked the good shit while the twins were at home, but there were baggies of coke in the house and in the car. Dawn says that one time she was driving the girls to school and noticed that they were covered in some kind of white powdery substance. There was a bag of white powder and pills in the backseat and the girls got into it. Kim Porter said it was her “medicine” when Dawn asked her about it.

Dawn also says that Kim attacked and yelled at her several times. Dawn is suing for an unspecified amount of cash.

If this is true, then why didn’t Dawn Drago pick up the phone, dial the number to CPS and give them an anonymous tip? Also, if it is true, then somebody needs to slap Kim Porter’s velociraptor face. What kind of self-respecting cokehead leaves their stash around children? Everybody knows that children are nosy, will get into your stash and throw that white powder around everywhere. Kids are wasteful and they don’t respect the coke!

And that knock on Kim Porter’s front door is just from Lindsay Lohan coming to inquire about the nanny position.

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