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Open Post: Hosted By Paris Hilton Denying She Photoshopped Britney Spears Into A Picture From A Birthday Party

January 9, 2023 / Posted by:

Lynne Spearsslappin’ hand must’ve been mysteriously tingling in yearning over the weekend when an alive and well Britney Spears partied alongside Paris Hilton again. Britney has pretty much only been manifesting as a confrontational, twirling living-room nymph these days–and only on Instagram and not really in public–so when a snap of her out at a birthday party made it to Paris’ Insta a few days ago, many #FreeBritney conSpearacy theorists accused Paris of photoshopping Britney into the picture due to something looking “off.” But, Paris attempted to put the speculation to rest and blamed it on an app someone used to make it look less blurry.

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There’s More Speculation That Emma Roberts And Garrett Hedlund Are Done

November 12, 2021 / Posted by:

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund have been together since early 2019, and in December 2020, she gave birth to their first child, Rhodes Robert Hedlund. Last month, The Daily Mail said that the last time Emma and Garrett were photographed together was at an Oscars party on April 25th. Also, the two stopped following each other on Instagram. Okay well that all but confirms it, really. Although a wrench gets thrown into things when you realize that a little over three months ago, E! News was reporting that Emma and Garret went through a “rough patch” while she was pregnant, but that they were stronger than ever since becoming new parents. That brings us to last night where Emma showed up to Paris Hilton’s tacky three-day wedding extravaganza without Garrett. Instead, she brought Cade Hudson, who definitely isn’t her boyfriend because he’s gay so all celebrity gossip tabloids can immediately delete anything with a headline that reads something like: “It’s a Match Cade in Heaven!” But she didn’t go with Garrett so some are thinking that they’re done.

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