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Richard Madden Is Quarantining With Froy Gutierrez In Emilia Clarke’s House 

May 17, 2020 / Posted by:

When we last left Richard Madden’sroommate” situation, he had socially distanced (before socially distancing was an official thing) from ex-roommate Brandon Flynn after they supposedly had a falling out that got so bad that Brandon asked the team at Versace NOT to invite Richard to a holiday party in December. I know, getting banned from a Versace holiday party is a punishment worse than death! What an ice-cold twink that Brandon Flynn is, but Richard removed that Versace dagger from his heart and it looks like Dick is back on it with a new twink friend.

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Richard Madden And Brandon Flynn Supposedly Had A “Falling Out” And Are No Longer Roommates

November 13, 2019 / Posted by:

Sadly, the sight of Richard Madden furiously plunging a toilet as Brandon Flynn stands in the doorway saying, “Harder, faster, plunge that white hole, put your back into it, bro!“, is one that’s only going to exist in your head from now on. And no, that wasn’t a euphemism. They were roommates! I say, “were,” because according to The Sun, they aren’t anymore. A source says they had a “falling out” and are fucking done with each other! So Richard is no longer dropping loads in Brandon’s Bosch. Again, not a euphemism, you gutter-brained sucios! They were roommates! And shared a washer!

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Richard Madden And Brandon Flynn Were Seen Hanging Out Again

July 19, 2019 / Posted by:

Richard Madden has explained before that he’s private about his personal life, which is why he has no interest in talking about his friend, roommate, and matching necklace buddy Brandon Flynn. All you’re going to know is that 33-year-old Richard Madden has hair like a romance novel villain, is in the Bodyguard, and that quite often he can be seen in the same pictures as 25-year-old Brandon. And now there’s more pictures of them.

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Richard Madden And Brandon Flynn Had Their Arms Around Each Other (GASP!) After Buying “Marijuana Cigarettes” (DOUBLE GASP!)

April 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Thousands of gays, and people who get into Scottish daddy on Yankee twink action, were hospitalized yesterday with severe dehydration after they slobbered gallons of bodily fluids from all their holes after seeing pictures of Panty Creamer Richard Madden (of Bodyguard, Rocketman and Game of Thrones) and Brandon Flynn (of 13 Reasons Why) getting all cozy in Los Angeles over the weekend. Richard and Brandon were papped with their arms around each other after buying “marijuana cigarettes” (REEFER MADNESS!). So of course, many now think that Richard Madden is bi and that he and Brandon are totally doing it, and after they bought those “marijuana cigarettes” (yes, the year is 1966) they went home, got naked, and Richard blew “marijuana cigarette” smoke into Brandon’s b-hole before doing him. Get me a wet vac and a stretcher, because I just slobbered out a lake from that image and I now need medical attention.

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