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Woody Harrelson Punched A Guy In The Face Because He Wouldn’t Stop Taking Pictures Of Him And His Daughter

October 8, 2021 / Posted by:

I know there’s such thing as the “Mama Bear,” which is generally believed to be a woman with children who turns aggressively ursine when their children are threatened. For some reason the term “Papa Bear” has always felt less ragey – it really gives off more of a chill, helpful, possibly herbally-relaxed dad vibe. Which is actually the perfect way to describe Woody Harrelson’s energy, usually. Except on Wednesday night, Woody went into Mama Bear mode at a rooftop bar in Washington, D.C., after a drunk bar patron refused to stop taking pictures of him and his daughter.

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A Shirtless Zayn Malik Almost Got Into A Fight Outside A New York Bar

June 4, 2021 / Posted by:

Last night Zayn Malik got into it with a random civilian on the streets of Manhattan. TMZ has a video and reports that new daddy Zayn was hackin’ a dart (smoking a ciggie) outside the Amsterdam Billiards Club in the East Village at around 2 AM. A group of guys came out of the Little Sister lounge next door and one of them reportedly tried to pick a fight with Mr. Gigi Hadid. Dude lunged at Zayn and called him a f***** (IT IS PRIDE MONTH, SIR!). Zayn yelled right back while friends stood in between the two would-be brawlers to keep the peace. Oh, and Zayn was shirtless. No reason needed, as, again, IT IS PRIDE MONTH. Continue reading

The Co-Owner Of Kid Rock’s Nashville Bar Is Suing Local Officials Over COVID-19 Restrictions

July 1, 2020 / Posted by:

Apparently unaware that when people say they’re “dying for a drink,” they very rarely mean it literally, Steve Smith, the co-owner of Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk & Steakhouse bar in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee, is joining a lawsuit against state and local officials over restrictions in place to help slow the spread of COVID19. Nashville is in the midst of a phase-3 reopening which allows bars to be open at 50% capacity (and 75% in dining areas) and allows live-music but no dance floors. It’s a pretty liberal set of rules considering Nashville’s alarming spike in COVID-19 cases. According to The Tennessean, Nashville saw 343 new cases in the past 24-hours alone. The lawsuit accuses local officials of “clear disparity” in its treatment of bars compared to “individuals participating in protests,” and of “not being guided by science, but by political expediency.” That’s as ironic as their bar not being called Kid Rock’s Tiny Dick Honking Cough & Deathtrap.

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Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Girlfriend Got Kicked Out A Miami Club For Throwing Things

November 11, 2019 / Posted by:

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