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“One Love Manchester” Has Raised $12 Million So Far 

June 5, 2017 / Posted by:

As you know, One Love Manchester, Ariana Grande’s benefit concert for the victims and victims families of the terrorist attack at her show two weeks ago, happened in Manchester last night. 50,000 people were at the show and performers included Miley Cyrus, ColdplayKaty Perry, Little Mix, Take That the Black Eyed Peas (sans Fergie), and Justin Bieber. Normally this would be where I’d want to make a “Haven’t they been through enough already?” joke about Bieber, but I do have a shred of a soul left, so I won’t. Yesterday, Red Cross UK said that One Love Manchester raised over $9 million for the victims. Today, TMZ says it has raised $12 million. They expect to raise more from television rights and merchandise.  Continue reading

We Get It, Miley, You’re All Grown And Mature Now 

May 17, 2017 / Posted by:

Miley Cyrus spent her last two albums hammering into our brains the point that she’s no longer Hannah Montana or a bubble gum pop puppet and is now an oh-so-edgy, pasties-wearing, Bernie Sanders-supporting, hip hop-loving, glitter-queefing acid raver chipmunk. But now that she’s out there selling her new single Malibu and her new album, she’s hammering into our brains the point that she’s no longer a strap-on-wearing twerk-a-nator and is now a fresh-faced, beach hair-having easy listening chanteuse who is totally not offensive. You hear that, Trump supporters? It’s safe to #BuyMalibuOniTunes.

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Miley Cyrus Quit Weed But She Still Rolls Her Friends’ Joints

May 14, 2017 / Posted by:

Miley Cyrus is full-court-press with her new “Tammy Wynette meets straight-edge Squeaky Fromme” persona. She’s no longer using the hip-hop community as props. She’s no longer backing it up on Robin Thicke. SHE’S NO LONGER SMOKING WEED.

But, just because Miley has quit inhaling, doesn’t mean her friends won’t get high with a little help from her. Her will-power is iron and we know this, because she rolls their joints for them!

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Miley Cyrus Is All Country Now, You Hear

May 4, 2017 / Posted by:

Like a goth 7th grader who’s decided that being goth is stupid and it’s all about being an emo punk now, Miley Cyrus has grown from her twerking days and has replaced the marijuana pasties, rainbow clit cozies and purple horse tail butt plugs in her closet with Gunne Sax dresses, a banjo and cowboy boots. 90s MTV News reporter John Norris interviewed Miley for Billboard to promote her single Malibu, which comes out soon, and they talked about Trump, her weed sabbatical, her hate of manly manly men and her new singer-songwriter-y sound, which is totally different than John Mayer’s granola sound. Miley’s sound, look and tastes may have changed, but she’s still waaaaaaay cooler than everyone.

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