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The Time Ben Stein Begged A Pregnant Ex-Call Girl And Performance Artist For Naked Pictures

July 22, 2014 / Posted by:

If it was up to Ben Stein, he’d be the host of Win Ben Stein’s Peeny, because he is a proud horny motherfucker who is like a teenager on Viagra and still gets “mad crushes” on beautiful ladies. In a rambling, weird column for The American Spectator, which came out last month, Ben Stein writes that his craving for beautiful ladies has led him to some gold digging situations. Shocking, I know. The 69-year-old married pepaw wrote about a woman he called “Lucia” who hit him up for cash. Ben says that he met Lucia at San Francisco International Airport and after talking for a few minutes, they exchanged numbers. They texted each other for months. Ben described Lucia as being a gorgeous “Eurasian” writer who used to work as a pussy peddler. One day, Lucia told him she got knocked up and wasn’t with the father of her unborn child anymore. Lucia asked Ben for cash and Ben, being super pro-life, gave it to her. But after Ben’s column came out, Lucia (real name: Tanya Ma) ran her ass off to Page Six and said that Ben Stein isn’t the giving Captain Save-A-Ho he makes himself out to be. Ben is a creepy predator who wanted to hug and kiss on her pregnant body.

Tanya tells Page Six that she’s only coming out with her side of the story and sharing texts Ben wrote her, because she’s a vigilante for justice and wants all of womankind to know about his sleazy ways.

Tanya Ma, a 24-year-old pregnant performance artist, said she contacted Page Six to tell her story because she doesn’t “want him to continue to do this to women.”

“It’s much more than sexting, cyber-escorting or being a sugar daddy — it’s unhealthy and toxic behavior that needs to be exposed.”

Tanya says that when she met Ben Stein, she thought he was interested in her as a writer, but after texting for four months, he started asking her for “racy” pictures. Tanya sent him some pictures, but he kept asking for more and more. That didn’t seem to bother Tanya too much, because she never blocked his number and she even agreed to meet him at a hotel near his house in L.A. Tanya says that Ben’s wife knew about everything and didn’t care. Tanya eventually called off their date in the hotel room when Ben told her he wanted to hug AND kiss her. Tanya was totally okay with Ben touching her baby dome, but kisses were off the table.

But “the day before I was supposed to meet him, he texted me” about wanting to touch and kiss, she said.

Ma said the ex-Comedy Central star wrote, “When you get here i want to hug and kiss you. I understand you don’t want to fuck me. But i want to touch you and kiss you.”

“I knew he had developed a crush on me, but it just started to get weird,” said a grossed-out Ma, who is 18 weeks pregnant by a former beau.

Growing “horribly uncomfortable” with his antics, Ma said, she texted back: “Ben, you may hug me and feel my baby bump, but anything more is too much for me. I’m not your girlfriend. Can’t we simply enjoy a conversation and meal? I’m pregnant.”

That dialogue sounds like the start of the worst and most uncomfortable pregnant porn ever. The texts that Tanya gave Page Six and the rest of this mess of a story are after the cut. Ben Stein better pay for the hypnosis sessions I’ll need to cleanse my brain of the image of him getting moist in the tip while telling Tanya that he wants to touch her baby bump. 


Jeff Goldblum Gave An Engagement Ring To His 31-Year-Old Gymnast Girlfriend

July 15, 2014 / Posted by:

I have so many Gold-digger jokes cued up in my brain, I might have an aneurism.

61-year-old Jeff Goldblum slipped a hitchin’ ring on the finger of his 31-year-old girlfriend Emilie Livingston and asked her to be his third wife, thus ending his two-and-a-half decade-long quest to sample every pussy in America. Emilie, who is a former gymnast and aspiring actress, tweeted that Jeff proposed to her in an Ok Store by telling her to pick out a ring. Yes, it was that easy; I think we just found the keynote speaker at this years gold digger convention. Then, like a shameless digger do, she hopped on Instagram to post a picture of the ring:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.20.53 PM

Sure, it’s not that big, but remember – a good gold digger is all about the long game. Start out small, work your way up. Get money bitch, but not all at once.

Jeff Goldblum has stuck it in nearly every famous ho in Hollywood (every SAG-AFTRA membership card comes with a Polaroid of his penis with the words “Call me” written on the back) so I’m shocked that he’s chosen to settle down. Something is very wrong here. Jeff Goldblum is supposed to be out every night cruising random hipster bars for 20-something models and trying to lure them back to his bachelor pad by asking them in that smooth panty-dropping voice of his if they’d like to see the grey underwear he wore in The Fly. It’s too early for a slut like Jeff Goldblum to hang a “SORRY, DICK CLOSED” sign on his junk.

Then again, I’m torn, because as much as I love seeing a true blue pussy hound, I also love a shameless wallet-humping trick living the dream. Here’s Jeff Goldblum and the woman gold diggers across the universe (yes, even the jealous money-chasing alien sluts of Blorg 6) are raising a glass to today out for lunch in Hollywood last week:

Pics: Twitter, Splash

Cheryl Cole Married Her Piece Of 3 Months

July 14, 2014 / Posted by:

British pop star, current X-Factor UK judge, fired X-Factor US judge and Derek Hough’s former trial period beard, Cheryl Cole, is still putting the PhD in Good Decisions she earned from the University of Smart Thinking to good use. Cheryl Cole’s last marriage finally ended after her then husband Ashley Cole found it impossible to not stick his nomad dick in a vagina that wasn’t attached to his wife’s body. Ashley Cole kept dipping his dick in side piece after side piece and Cheryl Cole kept running back to him until she woke up one day and smelled the random snatch juice on his wandering peen. Since Cheryl Cole’s first marriage was a real shit show, she decided to give marriage another try and she’s decided to make a French playboy she met for the first time at a club in April her second husband. Maybe this is a viral marketing stunt for he song “Crazy Stupid Love“?

31-year-old Cheryl wrote on her website yesterday that she married her 33-year-old French boyfriend of 3 months Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini (You know bitch had to ask him three times how to spell his first name) on a beach in Mustique.


Cheryl also posted a picture of the ring that Jean-Bernard probably bought at the finest Claire’s in France.


The Daily Mail says that Jean-Bernard is a “hard-partying” French playboy who lives on the Riviera and also has a home in the Caribbean. Jean-Bernard comes from a really rich family and he studied business at NYU. He runs a club and restaurant in the South of France and The New York Times once said he was part of a group of  ”‘Eurotrash’ et-setters who had lots of money and just as much free time to enjoy it.”

So a millionaire British pop star with dry queefs for brains gets wooed by a sleazy and smarmy French playboy whose trust fund is bigger than the cellar of champagne he bathes in when he does bathe? Why would I not be surprised if Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini from the South of France is actually John Bernard Franklin from a poor family in Iowa who now makes his money swindling dumb rich hos in the South of France? Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is real.

Cheryl Cole marrying some dude she met a second ago isn’t even the dumbest thing she’s ever done. That title forever goes to the gigantic tattoo on Cheryl’s ass and back that looks like a bloody fungus that grew out of her butt and that doctors later tried to burn off. That tattoo is also the best decision Cheryl made, because whenever she makes yet another shitty decision, she can always say, “Well, that bad decision I just made wasn’t worse than the fug abomination on my back.

Here’s Cheryl and Jean-Bernard, who kind of looks like a mash-up of  Jared Leto and Michael Lucas, leaving the Chiltern Firehouse in May.

Pics: Instagram, InstagramSplash

Someone Call Dustin Hoffman! The Motaba Virus Has Resurfaced On Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Dress!

July 9, 2014 / Posted by:

Even though their guests are still pooping out pieces of fondant from the wedding cake, the first pictures of shoe tycoon Jessica Simpson’s wedding to gold digger extraordinaire Eric Johnson have been released by People. Yes, they got married on Saturday and today is Wednesday. Her brain may be slower than a sloth on a broken treadmill, but when it comes to getting money, bitch is like Usain Bolt.

Since Jessica Simpson held back on the Texas Gum-Chewing Pageant Queen eleganza of her first marriage, and the fact that she chose to get married on Independence Day weekend, I was hoping she would have gone all out the second time around and sashayed down the aisle in a replica of the red, white, and blue taffeta gown Barbie wore when she ran for president in 1992. Instead, she picked a dress the same color as every bathroom on Property Brothers, rubbed it all over a bunch of pay phones and toilet seats, then stuck it in a damp corner of the basement under a pile of Jessica Simpson for Zales butterfly pendants, and waited for it to start growing silver bacteria. Looking at her dress makes me wanna grab the Lysol and a Silkwood shower.

Anyone who’s ever looked at a Jessica Simpson handbag and marvelled at the hand-painted top stitching knows that Jessica is a stickler for the details, so it’s no surprise she carried the bacterial outbreak theme through to her wedding portrait and asked the photographer to make it look like she’s been isolated in quarantine:


Jessica also told People: “It’s so surreal. This has been something we’ve wanted ever since we met” with Eric adding: “Hell yeah, can you blame me?? I’m rich, bitch!”

Gold Diggers Of The World Rejoice! Eric Johnson Married Jessica Simpson Yesterday

July 6, 2014 / Posted by:

For a second there, the gold diggers of the world were starting to get nervous and didn’t think that Eric Johnson would fulfill his wallet-humping destiny and get another win for the gold diggers. But after a three and a half year engagement and 2 kids, Eric finally scored another one for the #getmoneybitch league when he became Jessica Simpson’s second husband at the place where every goddamn basic ass celebrity gets married: San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, CA. Raise your shovels and rejoice!

People says that the professional tight end turned professional stay-at-home dad married the professional dieter and greatest shoe mogul of our time in front of 250 guests including Jessica Alba, Diana Ross’ son, Asshole Simpson, CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison. They all watched as Eric promised to love, honor, obey and cherish Jessica until death or a zero balance savings account does them part. Or until Eric loses it at the Thanksgiving dinner table and stabs Papa Joe in the hand with a steak knife after another game of grab-ass. People says that Chestica wore Carolina Herrera (here’s a sketch of her dress) and the instrumental version of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” played, which is a weird song to play during a wedding ceremony, but nobody’s accused her ass of making sense. After they got married, Jessica’s rep released this canned statement:

“We are overwhelmed with complete happiness and love having made our eternal commitment. To say ‘I do’ in front of family, friends and, most importantly, our children has been the happiest moment of our lives.”

Congratulations to Chestica! Congratulations to the gold diggers! And condolences to the cake, because after filling her mouth with air, laxatives and dehydrated lemon peels so she’d look as skinny as possible in the pictures she’s going to sell to People, she probably destroyed that thing.

And here’s the only Simpson that any of us care about keeping it sexy while hanging with his “model client” at their hotel pool yesterday morning. Papa Joe bringing his twink toy to his ATM’s wedding is probably the most exciting thing that the Simpson family has ever done. To answer the question that popped in your head when you looked at Papa Joe’s client, I don’t know what the twink is modeling either. Maybe he’s modeling Papa Joe’s daddy dick? But then again, that’s “acting” more than “modeling.”

Pics: Splash

Courteney Cox Is Getting Married To Her Younger Irish Piece

June 27, 2014 / Posted by:

Because we were all glued to the saga of Shia LaDouche’s shitbag meltdown on Broadway, we missed what should have been the real EXTRA EXTRA BREAKING NEWS!!!! last night: Courteney Cox announced on Twitter that it’s officially OFFICIALLY over between her and human half-empty bottle of yellow mouthwash (you know, the drinking kind – I mean…so I’ve heard) David Arquette because she’s engaged to Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid. You know, I always thought that crazy drunk mess David would win Courteney back somehow, but it looks like true love really is dead. I’m still holding out hope that David pulls a Benjamin Braddock and shows up to the church drunk off his ass, banging on the window and screaming “Courteneeeeyyy! Courteneeeeyyy! I still love you! Also, I’m all out of Fireball! See? Bottle’s empty baby. Do you know where I can get some Fireball? You got some in your purse, hon? You wanna go for margaritas or something? I’m gonna take a nap on this organ, wake me up when you wanna leave.”

50-year-old Courteney began seeing 37-year-old Johnny (who sort of looks like what you’d get if Michael Stipe fucked a ghost, then the ghost fucked Daniel Day Lewis) around Christmas, and there’s no picture of the engagement ring, and Johnny is like, barely employed, so I guess what I’m trying to get at is…did Johnny just get an invitation to join the Club le Gold Digger? I know an age difference of 13 years isn’t that huge, but digging is digging when you’re mining that Friends cash. Oh well, I’m sure it’s true love. And I’m sure that if Courteney still had control over the muscles in her face, she’d be smiling to show how happy her Stains-eyed fiancé makes her.

And now it’s time to start the countdown to see who gets married first, Courteney or Jennifer Aniston. Sike! Trick question! Jennifer Aniston will never get married, because she’ll always be FOREVER ALONE, remember?

Pic: Twitter

Jean Kasem Is Being Investigated For Elder Abuse

June 12, 2014 / Posted by:

Yesterday the messy, sloppy, low-down dirty Casey Kasem family saga played out in a courtroom in Downtown Los Angeles when blonde Amazonian goddess full of crazy Jean Kasem tried to stop his three oldest children from controlling his medical care. Kerri Kasem and her brother and sister wanted the authority to tell their father’s doctors to stop feeding him artificial nutrition and water, because his doctor believes that it’s just dragging out his death and putting him through more pain. Jean Kasem wants to keep Casey alive and doesn’t want to cut off his food and water supply, because he can still communicate nonverbally and probably because she still hasn’t been able to get him to sign an updated version of his will that leaves everything to her. The Kasem kids won yesterday’s fight and strangely enough, Jean didn’t respond to the judge’s ruling by making Hamburger Helper out of Kerri’s face while screaming words from the Bible. Crazy bitch is losing her touch.

CNN says that the judge reversed his own decision and sided with Kerri. After the judge’s ruling, Kerri said that she’s only doing what her father wants. In 2007, Casey signed a statement saying that if he should ever end up in a state where he can’t do shit on his own and there’s no hope for him to do shit on his own, he doesn’t want to be kept alive. Of course, Jean is pissed off and outside of the courthouse, her lawyer Steve Haney, who for some reason always looks like he’s inhaling fumes out of a bull’s ass (hmmm, I wonder why?), told reporters that the judge’s ruling is nothing but a death sentence.

Kerri’s lawyer Troy Martin said that Casey is in a Washington hospital and his kids have invited their ground-beef wasting evil stepmonster to join them for his final moments.

TMZ says that even though Kerri (Side note: Yes, every time I type the word “Kerri,” I say “is sooo very” out loud.) invited Jean to be with Casey before he takes the 40 steps up to heaven, she is still coming for her stepbitch. The Santa Monica PD started investigating Jean Kasem for elder abuse after Kerri called them. Up until last month, Casey was in a Santa Monica convalescent home. But because Jean has pure insanity running through her veins, she pulled Casey out of that hospital and dragged him all around the West to get him away from his older kids. Jean dragged Casey to Nevada, then to Arizona, then back to Nevada and finally she flew him to Washington to stay with a friend. Kerri and her sister followed Jean to Washington and that’s where the ground beef battle royale (that kind of sounds delicious) went down. Kerri has medical documents that claim Casey got a bedsore during his forced road trip of insanity and the bedsore eventually got infected.

I figured that Jean Kasem would eventually be investigated by the police for committing ear, eyes and soul abuse for her work in The Tortellis, but elder abuse?! Who knew that the glorious vision of elegance who brought glamour to my eyes in Cheers would turn out to be a demonic Anna Nicole who wastes raw hamburger meat and practically held an American legend hostage?

Here’s Jean looking like Brigitte Nielsen as a Robert Palmer girl from HELL while standing outside of the courthouse with her hot lawyer yesterday.

Pics: Splash

Skeletor’s Ex-Wife Had To Leave Her House After She Was Repeatedly Called A Whore Over A Bullhorn

March 9, 2014 / Posted by:

The world is a shit place and I will lose all faith in humanity if someone doesn’t name their band Whore Over A Bullhorn.

Marc Anthony’s ex-wife Dayanara Torres reached high for the gold digging stars last year when she filed papers in court to ask that her child support be raised from $13,000 a month to $113,000 a month. The starving orphans of the world and homeless hobos all shed a tear for Dayanara, because she’s so down and out that she has to live in an apartment with her two sons in the San Fernando Valley and she probably has to buy generic brands at Whole Foods and probably only has 1 car that’s a 2-year-old BMW. THE HORROR OF IT ALL! Dayarrhea cried that Skeletor makes over a million dollars a month, so $113,000 isn’t shit to him. They’re still fighting about this in court and TMZ says that Dayanara recently claimed in court that she was so hard up for money that she had to sell her house and move into that apartment in the Valley.

But Skeletor says in documents that when Dayanara’s mouth isn’t spitting out lies, it’s blowing married dudes and the latter is the real reason why she moved out of her house. He claims that Dayanara was screwing a married man and when the dude’s wife found out, she showed up to Dayanara’s house and did what Pimp Mama Kris does every afternoon to wake up her hos: she screamed the word “WHORE” through a bullhorn. The scorned wife would regularly show up to Dayanara’s house and scream through a bullhorn for the whole neighborhood to hear. Skeletor even had to send his security guards to her house to handle the raging whore caller. Dayanara was so desperate to move that she sold her house at a loss.

Dayanara denies that the bullwhorn fuckery ever happened.

I know nothing about Dayanara’s dude’s wife and I already love her with all of my being. It was love at first “whore” over a bullhorn.

And I wish that I was married to Skeletor for a second and found a way to birth out his kids, because then I’d have enough money to buy Dayanara’s old house. Some people want to wake up to the sound of birds chirping, I want to wake up to the sound of a mad lady screaming “WHORE” over a bullhorn. Fuck Folgers, that would be the best part of waking up.

Pic: Bauer Griffin 


Kaley Cuoco Moved Her Man Into Her House The Day After Their First Blind Date

February 26, 2014 / Posted by:

Desperate dumb fuck!” said Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Aniston in unison.

Superman’s former photo-op co-stroller Kaley Cuoco got engaged and married tennis player Ryan Sweeting within six months of meeting him face-to-face for the first time in both of their lives and she told David Letterman (via UsWeekly) last night that they both pressed the forward button on their relationship one second after their first date. Kaley Cuckoo claims that Ryan didn’t even know who she was and never saw the Big Bang Theory before they met on a blind date. Ryan flew into L.A. just for that blind date, so either she’s telling lies, he’s telling lies or he’s been hit in the head with a tennis ball one too many times, because everybody Googles a trick before a blind date, especially if they’re traveling for that shit.

Kaley told Letterman that she and Ryan instantly knew they were meant to be together forever and she took him home that night and he never left:

“We actually met on a blind date. I had never met him, and he had really never met me. He still tells me he had never seen the show, he didn’t know who I was.

He came to L.A. for a blind date — and he never left. We had been texting, we texted a little bit. Dinner was great, and then he moved in the next day. I know, it sounds so slutty, but it wasn’t! It all did move quite fast on paper, but we really did know…And I know you’re all thinking, ‘She’s nuts!’ I swear I’m not nuts. We just fell in love.”

Slutty? All of us slutty sluts should be highly offended! Moving a ho in the day after your first blind date is the complete opposite of slutty. Call it “beyond desperate,” “Hewitt-ey,” “stupid,” “crazy,” and “afraid of being FOREVER ALONE,” but I wouldn’t call it slutty. Every word that comes out of her mouth is like a hot pin stabbing into the rawest part of my nerves.

Everybody jokes about how lesbian and New Yorkers move in together fast (New Yorkers do it, because the rent is TOO DAMN HIGH), but they at least wait a couple of dates. But then again, if the dick is good (or my date’s name is Anderson Cooper), I’d move him in, give him my ATM passcode (joke’s on him when he tries to take out $200 and gets a slip with a laughing emoji on it) , let him eat from my stash of bacon jerky (not a euphemism) and I wouldn’t scream at him if he changed the channel from HGTV.

Here’s Kaley Cuckoo and her future ex-husband at LAX yesterday.

Pics: Splash

Brandi Glanville Claims That Eddie Cibrian Is Trying To Get Her To Pay Him Child Support (UPDATE)

February 18, 2014 / Posted by:

Dear Heather Mills, Elin Nordegren, Jon Cryer’s ex-wife and all the other platinum level gold diggers out there who think they have won the game, a new challenger you knew was a shady motherfucker (but didn’t know was this shady) has arrived AND HOW! Eddie Cibrian lives in a multi-million dollar mansion with his partner in shameless fuckery Falkor Rimes, probably has a wallet full of limit-less credit cards and you know he gets millions of dollars in royalties from his finest artistic achievement 3Deep, but it’s still not enough and now he’s apparently trying to shake down his ex-wife for some cash. Some hardcore gold diggers have the game so deeply ingrained in them that they just can’t stop gold digging and will even shake down a trick who’s got less cash than him. I don’t know whether to give him a standing ovation or give him two standing ovations, because that is a new kind of shameless.

Brandi Glanville whined on Twitter today about how people keep throwing hate at her for airing her divorce shit in book after book and while doing so she said that Eddie is trying to get child support from her. Poor Brandi. She’s just a fame whore trying to make a dollar from being a mess and her asshole slut of an ex-husband keeps kicking her down. As the cackle from a luck dragon filled the night sky, Brandi tweeted this:

Eddie would totally knee a homeless puppy in the face, snatch its change cup and run off if he needed the cash, but I don’t know if I totally believe this. I mean, I don’t know Eddie and Brandi’s custody situation, so I don’t even know if he can ask for child support. I figured that Brandi got the kids most of the time and Eddie got the kids a few hours a week for photo-ops. Maybe Eddie needs extra spending cash to discreetly spend on his side whores, because that whiny mess LeAnn always asks him why there’s so many charges to the Peninsula Hotel on their credit card bill. Hey, Eddie, if you need cash that bad, just scream at LeAnn, “Hey, paparazzi over there,” and while she’s looking away pull a few gold coins out of her saddle bag. It works EVERY time.

UPDATE: Eddie’s spokeswhore (yes, he still has one) tells UsWeekly that he’s not trying to get money out of Brandi:

“There is no truth to the claims that Eddie has requested child support from Brandi now, nor will he ever request child support from his ex-wife. The notion is preposterous. This is yet another ploy for self-promotion.”

via Radar

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