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Jessica Mulroney Is Celebrating “After A Rough Few Months”, And Finally Knows Who The Assholes Are

October 26, 2020 / Posted by:

Jessica Mulroney. The Toronto socialite stylist married to the son of Canada’s wannabe Ronald Reagan (Ben Mulroney, spawn of 80s Prime Minister Brian Mulroney) who found herself in deep shit back in June after she threatened to end the career of Black influencer Sasha Exeter over… I’m not even sure. Sasha posted about Black Lives Matter and Jessica narcissistically took it as an attack against her? LIABLE.

After a big public backlash and getting fired from her TV gigs, Jessica took a couple of months off Instagram. She returned mid-August with her usual content: kids, fashion, weddings, inspirational quotes, and vague allusions to an “exciting project”. Now she’s celebrating something mysterious, thanking her husband (who subsequently quit his job as the host of the entertainment show eTalk), and sharing the “silver lining” of her “rough few months”.

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A Less Demonic Sonic Is Featured In The New “Sonic The Hedgehog” Trailer

November 12, 2019 / Posted by:

Sonic The Hedgehog was originally scheduled for a November 2019 release but Sonic’s appearance in the first trailer was so disturbing and wrong, it was chased off the internet and told not to come back until it had taken a long hard look in the mirror. Jeff Fowler, the movie’s director, took the note and delayed the release until February 14, 2020 so Sonic could get a digital makeover. It was kind of like that TV show The Swan, and America voted that Sonic was too ugly to live. Now that the bandages are off and the swelling has gone down, Sonic is ready for his closeup!

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Not Even Queen Latifah Could Save “The Little Mermaid Live!” From Drowning

November 6, 2019 / Posted by:

I was already mad that I had to push way too many buttons on my remote control trying to pull up The Wonderful World Of Disney Presents The Little Mermaid Live! on my DVR (I should only have had to type “the lit” before it popped up but that long ass title had it buried unda da mother fucking sea). That pretty much set the tone for my entire viewing experience. We knew from the teaser trailer that we were in for a low-budget cash grab, but whooah boy. Shaggy phoning it in as Sebastian, the alleged crab-looking Eddie Murphy in Delirious meets Edward Scissorhands drag, was not something I was prepared for. Thank The Gods for Queen Latifah because her Ursula the Sea Witch was the only life form in all of Atlantica that didn’t look like it was about to expire from eating too many plastic bags.

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