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Paz De La Huerta Is Suing Harvey Weinstein For Sexual Assault

November 13, 2018 / Posted by:

Quite a few of the allegations against human-shaped nightmare Harvey Weinstein happened outside the statute of limitations. But some didn’t, like those from Paz de la Huerta. In November, Paz came forward with two allegations of rape, and was working with the NYPD. Now Paz has decided to take it one step further by filing a lawsuit against Harvey.

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Paz de la Huerta Could Be The One Who Finally Sends Harvey Weinstein To The Clink

November 3, 2017 / Posted by:

Harvey Weinstein may have sent Kevin Spacey a Build-A-PedoBear as a thank you for temporarily taking the spotlight off of him as Hollywood’s current reigning deviant mount of ass pus, but that doesn’t mean the stories about him allegedly terrorizing women have slowed done. The latest came last night from actress and current Red Lipstick Don (she took the title from Xtina) Paz de la Huerta. Paz claims that Harvey raped her twice, and she’s working with the NYPD who is investigating him. And since her case falls within the statute of limitations, Pervey Weinstein could finally be hit with charges.

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Paz de la Huerta’s Lawyers Spit Up Video Of The Stunt-Gone-Wrong That Messed With Her Career (UPDATE)

February 23, 2016 / Posted by:

The Oscars are this Sunday and we should be hearing the words, “….And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to… It’s a five-way tie! Paz de la Huerta for Room! Paz de la Huerta for Brooklyn! Paz de la Huerta for Joy! Paz de la Huerta for Carol! And Paz de la Huerta for 45 Years!” But that’s not going to happen and it’s all because of an accident on the set of Nurse 3D that left Paz de la Huerta with busted bones and a broken spirit. Bitches need to pay for this and Paz de la Huerta is making sure that they do.

Last July, I wrote about how the dew drop sitting on an orchid’s petal filed a $55 million breach of contract lawsuit against Lionsgate for not properly keeping her safe while shooting stunts. While shooting a scene in October 2011 in Toronto, Paz and her co-star Katrina Bowden walked into the street when an ambulance driven by a stunt artist (whose name is probably Caitlyn Jenner) drove by and hit her, sending her body to the ground. The accident left Paz in a bad way with a broken tailbone and a spinal fracture. Paz had to press pause on her acting career, because she had to go through 20 surgeries and she’s still not right. Paz blames producers for not doing a proper stunt walkthrough and not letting her know in detail what the stunt was going to be.

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A Tip From Paz De La Huerta: Do Not Follow Kim Kartrashian Because There Is A War Happening!

November 19, 2015 / Posted by:

Last night, Khlozilla went on a painkiller-induced Sasquatch rampage on Twitter when she told people to get off dick after they gave her shit for staying with her boyfriend James Harden while still nursing and being married to Lamar Odom. But well, if you ask the most important woman in Hollywood and human orchid Paz De La Huerta about this, she’d tell you that little Twitter tussle should’ve never happened, because nobody should be following the Kartrashians.

On her Instagram yesterday, the greasy jewel delivered an important announcement to the world and to Kanye Kartrashian. There’s a war happening right now and we do not need to be distracted by that idiot trash Kim Kartrashian! Paz deleted her post (it still lives here), because she probably realized that in posting about Kim, she was giving Kim attention. Or she decided that she’ll save that speech for when she testifies at the anti-Kardashian hearings at the United Nations. Seriously, why aren’t Paz and Natasha from Top Model the co-leaders of the United Nations?  #PazBeGandhiAndJesus.

And since no Paz post is complete without stunning pictures of her, here she is back in April looking like heaven in a trash bag.

Pics: Splash (Thanks Philip!)

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