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Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Speak Out After Josh Duggar’s Conviction

December 10, 2021 / Posted by:

Yesterday, Josh Duggar was convicted on two counts of downloading and possessing child sexual abuse materials. Josh hasn’t been sentenced yet, but he’s facing 20 years for each count. And now that their son is going away to prison, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar released a statement about it. No, it’s not “We’re sorry we raised our first-born son to be a child predator.” But they sure do name-drop God a lot. When reached for comment, God said: “I don’t know her.”

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Jill Duggar Defends Feeding Her Dog Unused Breast Milk From Her Freezer

June 8, 2021 / Posted by:

Even though she’s married to Derrick DillardJill Duggar managed to earn herself the title of Most Sane Duggar (although, that’s not that hard to do) because she moved away from the rest of her family and started talking on YouTube about wild and wacky things like using condoms. Jill has now made headlines for telling everyone that she gave her dog years-old frozen leftover breast milk. I mean, okay, but she’s still looking pretty normal in comparison. Her brother has been charged with child porn though, so it’s a low bar.

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Jill Duggar Has Distanced Herself From Her Family

October 22, 2020 / Posted by:

Okay but to be honest, wouldn’t we all do the same? Although our version of distance might be to move as far away from the sulfuric stench of Yellow Pocket Angels Eggs as possible. In Jill Duggar’s case, it just means not joining the rest of her 1.8 million brothers and sisters on television, in exchange for the freedom to just live her gosh-darn life how she wants to.

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And Now For Jill Duggar’s Sex Tips

June 4, 2019 / Posted by:

If you’re a middle-aged Christian mom who needs a little heat in the bedroom, you might have studied Michelle Duggar’s sex tips from a few years back. But if you’re a millennial Christian mom who needs a little help setting fire to your flannelette sheets, you might take a tip from her daughter, Jill Duggar Dillard. Much like her mom’s tips, these aren’t G-rated Sunday-safe tips like: “Set your lover’s libido ablaze with a hot Tater Tot Casserole pulled straight from the oven.” Jill wants you to keep your marriage hot by having sex as much as possible. Are you surprised? Look at her husband Derrick Dillard – how could you not keep your praying hands off a stud like that?

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TLC Has Fired One Of The Duggar Sperm Donors For His Transphobic Tweets

November 12, 2017 / Posted by:

You must have done something pretty bad when the network that was seemingly A-OK with keeping the Duggars’ horrifying overpopulation cult around axes you. Either that or they realized that people were confusing their show with Fear The Walking Dead due to this guy’s appearance. TLC has announced they are no longer working with Jill Duggar Dillard’s husband Derick Dillard. Derick tweeted transphobic bullshit about transgender TLC star Jazz Jennings on multiple occasions so they finally did something right. (His Q-Rating must have already been “nil.“) Continue reading

Jill Duggar’s Transphobic Hubby Has An Issue With The Transgender People

August 4, 2017 / Posted by:

Broodmare plantation overseer Bob Duggar officially transferred his daughter Jill Duggard‘s certificate of ownership over to this goon Derrick Dillard in June 2014. Jill and Derrick have two kids together. The Duggars’ deity probably doesn’t approve of smoking crystal, so I’m going to assume that Derrick looks like he’s about to steal my purse for drug money, because he’s so drained from having to constantly fill his wife full of babies. He appears on TLC’s Counting On (that’s the post-Josh Duggar-is-a-sexual-predator sequel to 19 And Counting), and his role as a slightly famous sperm donor has apparently gone to his head. Because he’s passing judgement on his fellow TLC stars. He tweeted some transphobic bullshit about Jazz Jennings, the star of I Am Jazz. Continue reading

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