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The Casamigos Halloween Parties Brought Out A Fist Fighting Brandi Glanville And Under Qualified Airline Pilots

October 28, 2018 / Posted by:

I learned an important lesson this weekend. Stop shrugging off Casamigos tequila as just the vanity label of a couple of very rich middle aged white bros who like to throw their old fashioned good looks and money around and party with their fabulous, kinda boring Hollywood friends. There is more to Casamigos than that because there is some good goss is swirling around the label! Starting with the news earlier this month that a ROYAL (Princess Eugenie) was marrying a Casamigos UK brand rep, to the breaking news yesterday that a newly single Jenna Dewan debuted her new man friend at their party on Friday night, the tequila brand has bumped up in my radar a little tiny bit.

Now we have some more messy news to come out of that Halloween party. Brandi Glanville has been accused by actor Kobie “DJ K-LUV” Randolph of attacking him and he has the bloody lip receipt to prove it. Kobie (who has one IMDB credit for Project Hollywood), filmed himself upon returning home from the party and must’ve hit send directly to TMZ before he grabbed an ice pack, because they posted the clip yesterday.

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LeBron James Is Producing A Remake Of “House Party”

February 14, 2018 / Posted by:

LeBron James must have a crap ton of basketball money burning a hole in his shorts (if you’ve ever wondered why the NBA switched out the tiny coochie cutters for the roomier mesh, now you know). One place he’s decided to stash some cash is in his production company SpringHill Entertainment which The Hollywood Reporter says is producing a remake of the 1990 classic House Party. To answer your first question; no word as to whether LeBron will be dusting off Kid N’ Play for this project. To answer your second question; nobody knows why.

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