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BREAKING NEWS: Kate Beckinsale And Goody Grace Have Broken Up

October 23, 2020 / Posted by:

Shocking. Devastating. Heartbreaking. Those are words that don’t apply to the news that things have not worked out for 47-year-old Kate Beckinsale and her 23-year-old boyfriend of nine months Goody Grace. According to The Sun, Kate recently performed the solemn act of unfollowing Goody on Instagram and deleting all evidence of their whirlwind relationship from her account. Goody on the other hand, left a solitary reminder of their time together in the form of a short clip from June of him wishing Kate a happy birthday complete with the caption “i love you 🖤∞.” The fact that in it he’s wearing a giant plush hippo head while Kate self-consciously pouts and primps while holding a tiny dog in her lap, makes the moment all the more poignant.

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Someone Anonymously Sent Kate Beckinsale A Rabbit And She Was Creeped Out

July 29, 2020 / Posted by:

If this pandemic has taught us anything (apart from basic human hygiene), it’s that Kate Beckinsale loves pets. She’s posted countless cute videos of her two Persian cats, Clive and Willow, as they celebrate birthdays, enjoy music, and even get married.

Well, one obsessed fan thought they’d add to Kate’s collection of furry friends. They anonymously left a bunny named Marvel on her doorstep. Like, her home doorstep in Los Angeles. Yikes. Kate’s 23-year-old piece, Goody Grace (who I keep mistakenly typing as Jade Goody, RIP), filmed a fully glammed Kate investigating the mysterious rabbit in a series of since-deleted Instagram videos.

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Kate Beckinsale Defends Her Right To Date Young Dudes

May 7, 2020 / Posted by:

Kate Beckinsale, who turns 47 this summer, has been connected to plenty of guys in her own age range, but more recently she’s gotten a whole lot of attention for hanging around the type of guys who might ask, “What’s a payphone?“. Of course, Kate has gotten a bit of hate regarding her dating history, and she’s once again telling people to shut up and mind their own business.

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Kate Beckinsale Will Not Tolerate Anyone Hating On Her Relationship With Goody Grace

April 21, 2020 / Posted by:

Kate Beckinsale has recently proven that there’s always going to be one big drawback to dating a young dude in their 20s. The specific drawback we’re talking about right now is the one where haters will happily chime in on the age difference. The bad news for the haters is that Kate isn’t afraid to slap back and defend the current object of her affection.

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Kate Beckinsale Might Be Dating Musician Goody Grace

April 14, 2020 / Posted by:

In these uncertain, confusing times, it’s nice to know that we can always count on on the comforting predictability in knowing that Kate Beckinsale definitely has a type. And that type is: young and dirt baggy. Us Weekly reports that Kate appears to have a new boy in her life. And Kate won’t have to break her brain from trying to remember names if she eventually meets all his friends, because she’s already dated two of them.

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