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Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Called Chris Rock’s Joke About Her Murder “Beyond Distasteful”

August 31, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s a good thing Chris Rock told the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to talk to the hand when they offered him the job of hosting the 2023 Oscars because based on his propensity for telling unfunny, half-baked “jokes” based on 30 year-old-references, Chris might find himself talking to an array of hands throughout the evening, making for the slappiest Oscars ceremony since 2022 (prior to that it was in 1988 when Cher won Best Actress for slapping Nic Cage in Moonstruck). Chris found himself the target of many a spiritual slap when he took the opportunity to make a crack about the brutal 1994 murder of Nicole Brown Simpson during a comedy set in Phoenix over the weekend. Chris quipped that the Academy asking him to come back and host the Oscars would be like asking Nicole to go back to the restaurant where she left her sunglasses before she and Ron Goldman were murdered by a mystery man with teeny tiny hands. Nobody found that shit funny, least of all Nicole’s sister Tanya Brown who, spiritually of course, told Chris to get her sister’s damn name out his mouth before someone slaps it out for him, spiritually of course.

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Amy Schumer Shared A “Joke” About Alec Baldwin’s “Rust” Shooting That She Wasn’t “Allowed” To Tell At The Oscars

April 5, 2022 / Posted by:

Artists take their pain and trauma and create art with it. That’s what they’ve always done. And nobody, and I mean nobody, was more triggered and traumatized by The Slap Will Smith delivered during last Sunday’s Oscars than Amy Schumer. So naturally, she gets first dibs on cracking jokes about it in her comedy show. The only other person with a stronger case for first dibs is The Slappee himself, Chris Rock. But gentleman that he is, he let her go first since she’s a delicate flower for whom “processing” and “unpacking” in private would be too taxing on her feminine constitution. So while Chris eschewed discussing The Slap in his recent show, Amy took a more direct approach toward healing. At a show over the weekend in Las Vegas, Amy shared a joke that the Academy wouldn’t let her tell about Alec Baldwin shooting and killing Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Amy truly is the Picasso of pain, and I’m not saying that just because the audience’s eyes were probably sliding all around their faces willy-nilly from looking at her sideways. It’s just that I shudder to think of what type of off-color jokes she’ll tell once she enters her Blue Period.

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Open Post: Hosted By John Waters Saying Bad Taste Is Dead

September 21, 2021 / Posted by:

Up is down, right is left and John Waters is on the cover of Town & Country wearing a $3,300 smoking jacket. In the accompanying interview, America’s preeminent arbiter of bad taste says he’s not even sure it exists anymore. Not since Donald Trump made a habit of eating dog turds off the carpet in the Oval Office on national television. Metaphorically of course.

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