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Open Post: Hosted By Bayley, The Mini Sheepadoodle Who Looks Like Snoopy

April 14, 2023 / Posted by:

The last time we saw a living being attempt to emulate the mononymous cartoon Beagle icon, Snoopy, it was a defeated-looking Hoda Kotb on the Today show as part of the hosts’ coordinating Peanuts costumes–all of which were a bubbling puddle of ramshackle nightmare fuel–so how very refreshing for the internet to have bestowed upon us the adorable Bayley, a mini sheepadoodle! Bayley has recently gone viral for her uncanny resemblance to Joe Cool himself.

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Christmas Open Post: Hosted By Lenny The Chihuahua Getting A Puppy Friend For The Holidays

December 25, 2021 / Posted by:

“Um, that’s a really weird-looking X Box X, which is what I REALLY wanted for Christmas.” – Lenny the Chihuahua while sniffing his present in that screenshot.

Anybody with even a tenth of a working brain cell will tell you that surprising someone with the gift of a living, breathing puppy is the opposite of a good idea. So I’m assuming that a Chihuahua puppy friend was at the top of Lenny’s wish list to Santa, and I’m also assuming that Lenny’s humans subscribe to Santa Prime because they got Lenny’s special gift extra early. And in a viral TikTok video, they show the moment when Lenny met his new puppy pal Ernie. I know, what a missed opportunity to not name their new puppy Squiggy!

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Open Post: Hosted By Finnegan The Baby Mountain Goat

June 8, 2018 / Posted by:

You should really meet Finnegan. He’s three weeks old, he lives with his mom and he’s just learning how to goat. Or more accurately, he’s just learning how to antelope. According to The Encyclopedia Britannica, mountain goats aren’t actually goats at all. They are members of the Rupicaprini tribe of bovids which make them sound like magical demigods.

Here’s Finnegan just beginning to explore his awesome powers.

I really can’t with that little tushy of his. As tiny as he is, he could grow up to be weigh more than 260 pounds with the ability to summon the guardians of the underworld through series of staccato hoof taps. Fun fact:

Unlike true goats, mountain goats do not butt heads but instead stab each other with their horns.

Finnegan has probably been following his nannie (that’s what female mountain goats are called) around and practicing climbing since he was a day or two old. Nannies are extremely protective of their young and can be quite dangerous if approached in the wild. I know it looks like she’s just rummaging around, minding her own business, but she knows a thousand ways to kill a man without even lifting a hoof. Fun Fact:

Courting males crawl to females and make sounds like those of baby goats.

Mountain goats are native to British Columbia, The Yukon, Alaska and Utah. They can also be found in Colorado and South Dakota. If you ever meet a mountain goat in the wild, don’t approach them. Unless of course you actually want a demonic Rupicaprini curse put on the next three generations of your family.

Pic: YouTube


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