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Meghan McCain Got Into The “Toxic” Culture Of “The View” And How Mean Whoopi Goldberg And Joy Behar Were To Her

October 19, 2021 / Posted by:

It’s happened, Meghan McCain is trending again for The View and she’s not even on it. Is it just because people remembered how callously awful she was during her four-year tenure as a host? No, it’s actually because of a new interview she did with a close friend where she roasted the women of the show and called the environment “toxic” (we know) and specifically called out Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar for being mean to her. The dragon queen of The View is playing the victim? SHOCKING!

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Meghan McCain Says The Abby Huntsman Fighting Rumors Are True

January 30, 2020 / Posted by:

It seemed like Abby Huntsman was just getting her groove on at The View when she quit that hen house to scoot back to Utah and help with her dad’s campaign for governor. The story she wove was that family came first and blah blah blah. But pretty soon reports emerged that Abby was sick of the toxic culture of the show and especially with Meghan McCain’s BS after they got in a fight. While the ladies usually swat away “rumors” like this by singing “We Are Family” for a few bars before going back to their regularly scheduled programming of screaming at each other, Meghan actually said the Abby fight rumors were true. Continue reading

Keeping That Shade Sunny: Sunny Hostin Answered “Speak To Meghan” When Asked About The Drama On “The View”

January 23, 2020 / Posted by:

Meghan McCain has been a living nightmare in front of the cameras on The View and there’s been plenty of rumors that she’s a living nightmare behind the cameras too. The “toxic” culture of The View is reportedly the reason why Abby Huntsman left. Page Six asked Sunny Hostin about it at the opening night of A Soldier’s Play on Broadway, and she basically said that if you want to know about the rumors that Meghan is a living nightmare, ask the living nightmare herself.

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Abby Huntsman Reportedly Left “The View” Because Of “Toxic” Culture

January 14, 2020 / Posted by:

Page Six has a source who says that there’s more drama to Abby Huntsman‘s exit from The View than she’s letting on. Abby’s last show is this Friday and then she’ll go off to Utah to help run her father’s gubernatorial campaign. The campaign trail will be hard and vicious, and she’ll deal with constant political and personal attacks in the Utah media. Which is apparently preferable to being around ABC where the culture is simply “toxic” and Abby was “treated like shit”.

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Abby Huntsman Is Leaving “The View” To Run Her Dad’s Gubernatorial Campaign

January 13, 2020 / Posted by:

The power of Meghan “My Father” McCain has struck: Abby Huntsman is leaving The View. It seems like just last week we were reporting that Meghan had exhausted the last person on the show would would put up with her shit–apparently her and Abby no longer were friendly. Well now no one is going to even pretend to be into Meghan when the cameras aren’t rolling because Abby has removed herself from the situation. She’s taking her nepotism home and is going to run her dad’s gubernatorial election campaign in Utah.

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Sources Say That Meghan McCain Has No Friends Left On “The View”

January 9, 2020 / Posted by:

If you have working ears and have watched The View recently, then you know that Meghan McCain is a mess. She talks over people, complains that she never gets to talk as she’s talking, and interrupts answers to the questions she asks. I feel like working with her every day would be an exercise in self-harm, and it looks like I’m right. Page Six is saying that Meghan has no friends left. Apparently she’s so off-putting that now no one on the show is speaking to her, not even the other conservative girl. Can you believe? She even pissed off the other Fox News woman! A true feat.

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