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Soap Opera Legend David Canary From “All My Children” Has Died

November 24, 2015 / Posted by:

It’s a sad and shitty day for All My Children fans and all of us 80s kids who watched it while home sick from school. The Wilton Bulletin reports that David Canary, who played good and evil twins Stuart and Adam Chandler on AMC, died from natural causes on November 16th in Wilton, Connecticut. He was 77.

David Canary grew up in Massillon, Ohio, where he played high school football and got a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati. After getting his degree in music, he turned down an offer to play for the Denver Bronco because he wanted to go to New York City to act. David did theater in NYC and around the country before he was drafted into the army. When he get out of the army, he got a recurring role in Peyton Place and later played Candy on Bonanza.

Before he got the role that made him a daytime legend, he was in the soap operas Search For Tomorrow, The Doctors and Another World. On New Year’s Eve in 1983, he made his debut as the ruthless ass Adam Chandler. A year after that, he started playing Adam’s sweet and naive brother Stuart. He played Adam and Stuart Chandler on AMC (and sometimes on my soap One Life to Live) until 2010 when he retired from acting full-time. After retiring, he continued to act a little bit and he went back to All My Children for the show’s finale in 2011. He was nominated 16 times for a Daytime Emmy and won 5 times.

David was married to Maureen Canary for 33 years and they had a son Christopher and a daughter Kathryn.

As soon as I heard the news about Adam Chandler’s death earlier today, I kept refreshing Susan Lucci’s Twitter over and over again for her words about this sadness. Erica Kane was married to Adam Chandler in the early 80s. They broke up, but in the 90s, Adam blackmailed Erica into renewing their vows after telling her that their marriage never legally ended. You know, it happens. La Lucci finally said these words about David Canary:

I just learned the news that the wonderful David Canary has passed away–I saw it posted on Kelly Ripa”s site. My deepest and heartfelt sympathy to his wife Mo and his children, Christopher and Katie. Rest in peace, David–you warm and generous, talented and fabulous man, actor and friend! I am so grateful to have known you–and to have had the privilege of sharing the AMC stage with you! I will never forget you.

Rest in peace, Adam and Stuart Chandler.

Pic: ABC


SNL Opened Last Night’s Show With A Tribute To Paris

November 15, 2015 / Posted by:

Even though my brain was still cursing my ass out for making it watch soggy Ritz cracker Donald Trump struggle to read off cue cards last week, I watched Saturday Night Live last night. Mostly because I was hoping they’d open with a sketch showing that last week’s show was just an elaborate 90-minute long prank pulled by Gilly. Instead, they kept it classy by scrapping their usual cold open and replacing it with Cecily Strong acknowledging Friday’s events in Paris. It’s short and sweet and she even does the second half in French, which is pretty impressive (well, to me, at least – but that’s because I can barely order a cheeseburger in French without going “Um…uh…le…um…“). She must have gotten a few pronunciation lessons from Jean K. Jean or something.

They still did a whole show, of course, and I’ve thrown two of the funnier sketches after the cut.

Al Molinaro Has Passed Away

October 31, 2015 / Posted by:

I just pictured Howard Cunningham and Arnold Takahashi pulling out a stool for Big Al while an angel dressed as The Fonz invited him to “sit on it” in the great big diner in the sky. And since that image is making this whole situation a little less sad, I’m choosing to believe that’s what happened.

Last night, the son of Al Molinaro, aka Al Delvecchio from Happy Days, confirmed that his father had passed away at the age of 96 in a California hospital. Al was apparently very sick with gall stones, but decided to say “Nope nope nope nope” to surgery because of his age. He leaves behind his wife, Betty, his son, and three grandchildren.

Aside from Happy Days, which he appeared in 146 episodes as the owner of Arnold’s Diner (aka the teenage hangout where Fonzie’s toilet office was located), Al Molinaro was also in episodes of Get Smart, The Odd Couple, Fantasy Island, Joanie Loves Chachi, Punky Brewster, and Step By Step. I was a bit too young for the heyday of Happy Days, so my first real introduction to Al Molinaro was his appearance as Al Delvecchio in the Happy Days-themed music video for Weezer’sBuddy Holly.” For some reason, that video came pre-loaded onto the first computer we ever had in my house growing up, and I must have watched it 10,375 times. There’s really no wrong time to watch the video for “Buddy Holly“, but today seems especially appropriate to play it on repeat.

I really hope that the first thing Al did when he got to Heaven was to make a “Try the fish” joke with Jesus. Rest in peace, Big Al.

Pic: ABC

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Lamar Odom Found Unconscious At A Brothel In Nevada

October 13, 2015 / Posted by:

TMZ says that former NBA player (and Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband) Lamar Odom is in a bad, bad way after he was found unconscious on the floor of the Love Ranch South in Pahrump, NV. Lamar had some mucus-type liquid coming out of his mouth and nose and when he got to the hospital, doctors had to intubate him, because he wasn’t breathing on his own. He’s being airlifted to a hospital in Las Vegas.

Dennis Hof, who owns the Love Ranch and who you know if you watched HBO’s Cathouse, says that Lamar checked in on Saturday by himself. Lamar spent the past few days partying it up with the hookers of the Love Ranch. A source tells E! News  that Lamar took herbal Viagra while there. Lamar was found in his VIP suite this afternoon. (Hmmmm, I wonder if that source’s name rhymes with, oh bother, it was probably Pimp Mama Kris.)

Before Lamar and Khloe broke up, he went missing for days and went on a bad shit binge. Lamar recently went off while talking to TMZ about how he supposedly “ambushed” and scared Khloe outside of a SoulCycle. Lamar said that Khloe agreed to meet him. He also talked about how his life has hit rock bottom.

E!’s source also says that Lamar’s condition is not looking good at all. A source tells People that Khloe and Kim Kartrashian (and a kamera krew, probably) are planning to fly to Vegas tonight to be with him.


The Puppy That The Rock Saved From Drowning Has Died From Eating Poisonous Mushrooms

September 29, 2015 / Posted by:

Just when I was about to post a puppy video to counter the sad death posts I’ve done within the last 12 hours, I get death news about a puppy. Fuck this shit. Let’s just grab an economy-sized bottle of something mind-numbing and a bag of Milanos and go back to bed.

Right after Labor Day, The Rock made a hundred thousand dead hearts feel actual warm emotion when he told the tale of how he saved his brand new French Bulldog baby Brutus from drowning to death. Six seconds after bringing home two French Bulldog puppies, The Rock put them in the background to piss and shit and one of them, Brutus, ran straight into the pool, fell in and sunk to the bottom. The Rock saved him. Because ice cold cynicism runs through my veins, I labeled the whole thing a stunt.

Well, Brutus lived, but sadly, his young puppy life was cut way too short and it’s all because of some bitch ass mushrooms. Most dogs are living garbage disposals. When I take my dog for a walk, I have to keeps my eyes all the way open, because he’ll put absolutely anything in his mouth no matter how disgusting it is. (I wonder where he got that from?!) The Rock writes on Instagram that Brutus ate some mushrooms that were growing in the backyard and those mushrooms took him on a trip to the animal hospital where later died.

Another reminder we have to live and love as greatly as we can today, because tomorrow is never guaranteed.
At approximately 11:15pm last night myself and @laurenhashianofficial had to make the painful decision to end Brutus’ suffering by taking him off of life support and sending his soul to pup heaven. I held his lil’ paw as he was finally at peace.

As all puppies and dogs do, he ate a mushroom while playing outside with his brother Hobbs. This mushroom happened to have a lethal toxicity and within hours it was rapidly destroying his liver and immune system to the point of no return.

I encourage all of you out there to be mindful of mushrooms in your yards, parks or anywhere outside your dogs play. What looks innocent, can be deadly to your lil’ family members.

Thank you Dr. Deckelbaum and Dr. West and the incredibly caring nurses and staff at The Animal Medical Center At Cooper City. We’ll always love you Brutus.. and you’ll always be my lil’ rough housing Brute.

Rest in peace, Brutus, you are now in heaven, swimming in the deep end and eating all the mushrooms you want. Also RIP to The Rock’s gardeners for not pulling out those mushrooms in his backyard.

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Cathriona White, Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend, Committed Suicide

September 29, 2015 / Posted by:

This is just all kinds of fucking terrible and there’s really no other way to say it. Cathriona White, who dated Jim Carrey on-and-off since 2012, was found dead at a home in Los Angeles last night. Police believe she intentionally overdosed on pills. She was only 28.

TMZ says that two of Cathriona’s friends went to check on her last night and they found her body. There were pills next to her. She also left a suicide note where she wrote about how she broke up with Jim Carrey on September 24th. 53-year-old Jim and Cathriona started dating in 2012 and they dated a few months before breaking up. They decided to give it another go in May.

Cathriona tweeted this a few days ago:

UPDATE – Jim told Entertainment Tonight that he’s “deeply saddened” about the death of his ex-girlfriend and he also said this:

“She was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled. My heart goes out to her family and friends and to everyone who loved and cared about her. We have all been hit with a lightning bolt.”


Catherine Coulson, The Log Lady From Twin Peaks, Has Died

September 28, 2015 / Posted by:

Well, this is an extra large pile of sad. Catherine Coulson, who brought the iconic Log Lady to life in Twin Peaks, died this morning of cancer. She was 71.

Catherine Coulson first met David Lynch when she was a camera assistant on Eraserhead. Wikipedia says that during the four-year-long shoot, they created the character of the Log Lady together. David Lynch told her that in the fuckery factory known as his brain, he pictured her carrying around a big log. Fifteen years later, the image in David Lynch’s mind came-to-life when she played the Log Lady through the 2-season-run of Twin Peaks. The Log Lady also made an appearance in the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Catherine was supposed to reunite with her log for the return of Twin Peaks on Showtime in 2017. I’m waiting for Showtime to announce that they’re not bringing it back, because Twin Peaks without the Log Lady is not Twin Peaks.

David Lynch said these sweet words about his Log Lady:

“Today I lost one of my dearest friends. Catherine was solid gold. She was always there for her friends. She was filled with love for all people — for her family, for her work. She was a tireless worker. She had a great sense of humor; she loved to laugh and make people laugh. She was a spiritual person, a longtime TM meditator. She was the Log Lady.”

Catherine Coulson is survived by her husband Marc Sirinsky, their daughter and of course, her log.

Rest in peace, Log Lady.


The Day Glamour Died: Jackie Collins Has Passed Away

September 19, 2015 / Posted by:

It’s not only the day that glamour died, but it’s the day that literature has died and every spot on every leopard print blazer has fallen off. This one has seriously stabbed me hard in the heart, because I didn’t think this day would ever come. Jackie Collins, one of the world’s foremost purveyors of luxurious glamour and one of my favorite novelists, has died. She was 77.

People says that Jackie was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer six-and-a-half years ago and that’s news to all of us, because she kept it very private and only told her daughters. Jackie didn’t tell her older sister Joan Collins until 2 weeks ago, because she knew it would hit her hard and she didn’t want to “burden” her with it.. Jackie did talk about it with People just a few days ago. Jackie wanted everyone to know that after the diagnosis, she kept on living and kept on writing through all the radiation and other treatments.

“Looking back, I’m not sorry about anything I did. I did it my way, as Frank Sinatra would say. I’ve written five books since the diagnosis, I’ve lived my life, I’ve travelled all over the world, I have not turned down book tours and no one has ever known until now when I feel as though I should come out with it. Now I want to save other people’s lives.”

Jackie’s first novel, The World Is Full Of Married Men, was published in 1968. Australia and South Africa banned it for being sucio and filthy, but it became a best-seller in the UK because of that. Jackie’s last novel, The Santangelos, came out in June. Between her first novel and her last novel, she wrote dozens of book and has sold nearly 500 million copies worldwide. I’ve read more than half of them. I read my first Jackie Collins’ novel, Hollywood Wives, when I was probably 12 years old. I bought it at a yard sale, because I knew she was Joan  Collins’ sister and thought the cover was the most glamorous thing I ever saw. My eyes ate that novel up in one day and I went on to read the rest of the Hollywood Wives series and the Lucky Santangelo series. She was a master at storytelling and every book of hers I read was perfect fun to me.

Jackie is survived by her three daughters, Tracy, Tiffany and Rory, and her sister Joan. I shouldn’t have said that it’s the day that glamour has died. Because Joan will make Jackie proud by keeping glamour alive. And we still have Jackie’s words of glamour which will live on forever.


Joan gave this statement to People today:

“She was my best friend. I admire how she handled this. She was a wonderful, brave and a beautiful person and I love her.”

Rest in peace, Jackie Collins. You are now in heaven, wearing the finest diamonds while drinking champagne with the angels.

Wes Craven Has Died

August 30, 2015 / Posted by:

I didn’t think this would ever really happen and this is a serious shock. One of the masters of scaring the fuck out of us as kids, Wes Craven, is now in heaven, making the angels shit their pants.

Variety brings us some shitty, shitty news. Wes Craven died today at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 76. Scream out another, “FUCK YOU, YOU CUNT CANCER,” because Wes died of brain cancer.

The first movie Wes ever directed was 1972’s The Last House on the Left and the last movie he directed was 2011’s Scream 4. Between those movies, he directed The Hills Have Eyes, A Nightmare on Elm Street, all the Screams, Music of the Heart and Vampire in Brooklyn. And he had many more in him.

While reading about Wes on Wikipedia, I learned that he made many hardcore porn movies under pseudonyms. I really hope one of his pseudonyms was Wes CravenYourPussay.

Wes Craven is survived by his two children, Jonathan and Jessica, and his third wife Iya Labunka.

Rest in peace, Wes Craven. I don’t think I closed my eyes for at least 24 hours after watching Nightmare on Elm Street for the first time as a little kid, so thank you.


Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter Was Found Stabbed To Death

August 16, 2015 / Posted by:

Well, this is some truly depressing news for a Sunday. The New York Post is reporting that Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter and Goddaughter (and his alleged – by the National Enquirer, of course – one-time fiance) E’Dena Hines was found stabbed to death on a sidewalk in Manhattan just before 3am on Sunday morning. Police say they found E’Dena had been stabbed multiple times when they arrived, and that her ex was standing over her body, screaming incoherently.

E’Dena was taken to Harlem Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. E’Dena was 33. The New York Post says her alleged killer was arrested and taken into custody for a psychiatric evaluation. They add that police say it’s still unclear as to why the alleged stabber snapped. Morgan Freeman has released the following statement regarding the death of his Goddaughter, which I’m sure we’ll all read in Morgan Freeman’s voice:

“The world will never know her artistry in talent, and how much she had to offer. Her friends and family were fortunate enough to have known what she meant as a person. Her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. May she rest in peace.”

Pic: Splash


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