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Kraft Is Calling Salad Dressing “Salad Frosting” To Get Kids To Eat It

June 11, 2019 / Posted by:

Kraft has come up with an idea to get kids to eat more of their ranch dressing: LYING! Just lie to their sweet, innocent, dumb little faces but only because it’s about something really important like their ranch dressing. Kraft has put their ranch dressing in a container that looks like a frosting container and called it “Salad Frosting” in hopes to get kids to eat more salad covered in ranch. My first thought was, “How much healthier is ranch dressing compared to actual frosting?” The answer is not much. Ranch dressing is basically the chocolate sauce of salad dressing.

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Dennis Rodman Became Verklempt While Talking About His Role In The Trump-Kim Summit

June 12, 2018 / Posted by:

Dennis Rodman is in Singapore right now in his capacity as the self-created Goodwill Ambassador of the Trump-Kim The Dear Leader Summit 2018. As such, CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewed Dennis, live on air, to get his take on the “historic event” and discuss his role in bringing the two leaders together. Nobody invited Dennis. But he just loves North Korea so much that he got himself a sponsor and is on a mission to Make America Great Again by hooking up his two BFFs, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. And sadly no, his sponsor isn’t he kind you should get when you’ve had more DUIs than you’ve had career rebounds on the basketball court. His sponsor is Potcoin, a cryptocurrency for weed professionals.

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