Prince Hot Ginge And Meghan Markle Are No Longer Getting Money From Prince Charles And Have Paid Back The Taxpayer Money Spent On Frogmore Renovations 

September 8, 2020 / Posted by:

Congratulations to Prince Hot Ginge and Meghan Markle! Because they have now creamed out the words that many of us say when we pay $5 more than the minimum payment due on a bill: “Fuck me happy, I’m nearly debt-free!

PHG no longer has to nudge his daddy, Prince Charles, with an “Err, did you forget today is the first?” text when his allowance doesn’t hit his Venmo and he and Meghan don’t have to worry about British taxpayers calling a collection agency on their asses. They are now financially independent from the Royal Family. And just a quick second after moving to America! These two underdogs truly pulled themselves up from the bootstraps and defied all odds! The epitome of a rags to riches story! But seriously, while PHG and Meghan are reportedly not getting money from The Crown anymore, I’m sure The Daily Mail will find out that they used an Outback gift card that THE QUEEN gave them as a housewarming gift and will scream: Harry And Meghan, Still Leeching Off The Royal Family!

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Lady Gaga Finally Issued A Statement Regarding R. Kelly

January 10, 2019 / Posted by:

You’d have thought that Lady Gaga would have been one of the first big names to come out and distance herself from accused child-pornographer R. Kelly, considering her previous support of victims of sexual assault. But nah. Gaga and Kelly collaborated in 2014 on song “Do What U Want (With My Body)” with an accompanying music video directed by Terry Richardson, and a performance at the 2013 AMAs. I’ve never seen the video, but it sounds revolting.  Gaga’s really eager to hook up with some shiny little bald dude, so she’s finally rectified that and issued an apology after turning down a request to be interview for the R. Kelly docu-series on Lifetime. Well, it’s not an apology, it’s more of an acknowledgement. To use a phrase I’m sure we’ll be seeing an awful lot in the coming months (fingers crossed), better late than never.

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