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Benjamin McKenzie and Morena Baccarin Got Married

June 7, 2017 / Posted by:

If celebrities were awarded for their foolery each year, Benjamin McKenzie and Morena Baccarin would’ve won the award for Most Surprising Couple To Bring The ESCANDALONESS in 2015. In one swoop, we learned the following: Morena and her husband Austin Chick are over! Morena cheated on Austin with Ben! Morena is knocked up with Ben’s baby! Morena is fighting Austin for custody of their kid! Morena and Ben are probably engaged! They slowed down a bit as Morena tussled with Austin over spousal and child support (she has to pay him $23k a month), but she and Ben finally got around to getting married. Took their asses long enough!

People says that Ben and Morena’s pre-divorce ceremony went down at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn on Friday, the same day as her 38th birthday. They got married in front of a small group of their family and friends. Morena and Ben, who is also 38 years old, first got together while shooting Gotham. Morena gave birth to their daughterFrances Laiz Setta Schenkkan, in March 2016.

These two messes moved so fast that by now they should’ve already been married, divorced and with new pieces. Are we sure this is their first time getting married? Hmmm, that’s got me thinking. Someone call into TMZ’s tip line and tell them to check to see if Ben and Morena got married in 2016, got divorced that same year after she got caught passing her poon and then got back together again this year. The wedding that happened on Friday was obviously their second time getting married. That’s the only explanation for this.


Morena Baccarin Already Had The Baby She Made With Benjamin McKenzie

March 11, 2016 / Posted by:

The messy novella-like drama starring Morena Baccarin (aka the chick from “V” to me and “boring lady” to those of you who watch “Gotham“) and Benjamin McKenzie (aka Chino dude from “The O.C.” to me and “boring dude” to those of you watch “Gotham“) feels like it’s been set at warp speed.

Last September we found out that Morena and Ben are engaged and she filed for divorce from her husband of three and a half years Austin Chick. A quick second later, we found out that Morena was knocked up with Ben’s baby. Austin Chick planned to move to NYC from L.A. so that he and Morena could co-parent their 2-year-old son Julius, but he changed his mind real quick and moved back to California after finding out that she was full-time fucking Benjamin McKenzie. A judge later declared that Julius will mostly live in NYC with Morena and she must pay Austin $23,000 a month in child and spousal support. Morena and Austin are still technically married. And now the baby that Benjamin humped into her is here. Since these two are moving at soap opera speed, I’m sure that their baby will suddenly be 4 years old next week and Morena and Benjamin will be getting into messy fights outside of her pre-school.

Anyway, Morena birthed out a baby daughter on March 2nd. Morena and Ben’s reps gave this statement to USA Today:

“Morena and Ben are so happy to welcome baby girl Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan on March 2. All are happy and healthy and appreciate the well-wishes.”

It’s going to be really awkward when Frances grows up, (DEADPOOL SPOILER ALERT) changes her name to Ajax and kidnaps her own mommy.

Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan sounds like the name of an old widow Dutch socialite who is known as the biggest gossip. Think “Downton Abbey” in the Netherlands. “Schenkkan” is Benjamin’s real last name and “Setta” is Morena’s mother’s last name. I’m into the name, but I do wish that Morena and Benjamin would’ve paid tribute to their messy relationship and her Brazilian heritage by naming their daughter Escândalina Setta Schenkkan.

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Morena Baccarin Has To Pay Her Estranged Husband $23K A Month

November 20, 2015 / Posted by:

Back in September, the Internet was hit with a giant wave of ESCANDALONESS (not really, not at all) when we all found out that Morena Baccarin (from the V reboot and Homeland) made a baby with her Gotham co-star Benjamin McKenzie (from The O.C.). It wasn’t a scandal that Benjamin busted a baby into Morena’s body, but was it a little scandalous that her husband, director Austin Chick, claims they were very much married and together when she got it on with Ryan from The O.C. Austin Chick filed for divorce in July after 4 years of marriage.

Morena and Austin have a 2-year-old son together and even though they have joint custody, a judge already declared that their kid will mostly live with her in NYC where she shoots Gotham. Morena won that round, but she lost the next one hard. TMZ says that a judge ruled that Morena must pay Mr. Clean’s son $2,693 a month in child support and $20,249 a month in spousal support. That comes out to a grand total of:


The hell kind of money are they paying her on Gotham? Maybe Morena agreed to throw a bunch of money at her soon-to-be-ex-husband, because he threatened to spill all her secrets to the tabloids or something. I don’t know, but we can all learn a lesson from this. If you ever find yourself in a TV show and you really want to bump sex parts with your co-star, but you’re still married and you don’t have  a prenup, you should file for divorce (or break up with your spouse in writing and notarized) BEFORE the dick goes. Because if you don’t, your checking account could be the one that gets fucked hard after a judge orders you to pay your ex a giant pile of cash every month.

With that being said, #getmoneymrcleansson!


Morena Baccarin And Benjamin McKenzie Are Probably Going To Get Married

September 26, 2015 / Posted by:

The last time we checked in on Ryan from The O.C. (aka Benjamin McKenzie, aka Officer Ben Sherman if you were into Southland), he had knocked-up his still-technically-married Gotham costar Morena Baccarin. Morena and her husband Austin Chick called it quits on their marriage shortly after she let Ben’s baby move into her womb, and now it sounds like Morena is going to chase that divorce with another marriage.

According to ET (yes I just pictured a wrinkly brown alien sipping out of a mug that says I LOVE GOSSIP), Morena wrote in court documents that were filed on September 11th that she’s “planning to re-marry” and that she’s three-and-a-half months pregnant. And apparently Morena and Ben haven’t exactly been hiding on the down low; sources tell ET that Ben came to visit Morena on the set of Deadpool in Vancouver a bunch of times between March and May and stayed at her condo. She also claimed she told First Husband Austin back in March that things weren’t working out and that she was slowly inching her way towards the door.

Of course, TMZ says First Husband Austin is pissed about the whole situation. Austin spilled the tea in some legal documents last week, and he got all kinds of dramatic. Austin claims that his son is in a “confusing, unhealthy environment” with Morena and Ben, and points to an incident back in August where he came home to pick up some of his stuff and saw a freshly-showered Ben playing with his 1-year-old son. He also threw her a bit of “you a ho” shade by saying they were “still sharing a bed” and trying to work on their marriage when Morena got sperminated in June. Unfortunately, his hysterics didn’t help, and Morena recently got split joint custody of their kid.

Weddings are fun and all, but this seems like an awful lot of pressure to put on a pregnant lady. A divorce and an affair and a baby and a wedding? If I was the judge looking at Morena’s court documents, I totally would have accepted: “I’m planning on re-marrying, but honestly, don’t ask me when, because I sort of have a lot of shit on my plate right now. Cool?

Here’s a knocked-up looking Morena and her baby daddy on the set of Gotham the other day.

Pics: Splash

The Chick From The “V” Reboot And Ryan From “The O.C.” Are Having A Baby Together (UPDATE)

September 24, 2015 / Posted by:

36-year-old Morena Baccarin and 37-year-old Benjamin McKenzie (I know, he looks like he barely started growing crotch hairs) are on Gotham together and just yesterday I was reading about how they’re dating. Usually the way it works is that you read about them dating, and then you read in Life & Style about how they were “getting cozy” at Madeo or some shit, and then you read on tooFab about how Morena wore a ring on that finger while shopping at Fred Segal and blah blah blah… Well, these two have hit the FF button, because things have escalated quickly. Morena is knocked up with Ben’s baby and she just filed for full custody of the 22-month-old kid she made with her estranged husband. To quote my mother when I go to dinner with her and don’t order a big cup of booze, “This is an interesting turn of events!”

Morena’s husband, director Austin Check, filed for divorce in early July after three and a half years of marriage. Austin asked for joint custody of their son Julius. But Morena doesn’t want joint physical custody, because she lives in NYC and Austin lives in L.A. TMZ says that Morena filed papers today asking the judge to give her full physical custody. Morena wants Julius to live with her in NYC. Since she’s baking a baby in her body, she’ll eventually have to stop flying and she won’t be able to visit her son in L.A. Morena is at the end of her first trimester.

So, when Morena’s husband filed for divorce, she was already growing Benjamine McKenzie’s baby in her womb. Austin listed “irreconcilable differences” as the reason why he wants a divorce. Austin obviously went with that, because “Ryan Atwood bareback boned a baby into my wife’s body” wasn’t an option. And this maybe-drama makes up for the last season of The O.C.! Who knew that these two could bring the ESCANDALONESS? It’s always the quiet ones….

UPDATE: The judge ruled today that Morena and Austin’s son will mostly live with her in NYC.

Here’s Morena and Ben at the Emmys this past weekend.

Pics:, Splash

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