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Michael Phelps Welcomed Baby Number Two

February 14, 2018 / Posted by:

Congratulations are in order for Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole Johnson who recently welcomed 20-100 baby shark pups into their family. Forgive me, I’ve just learned this information is incorrect. Michael and Nicole had just one single human infant. It’s a boy who doesn’t appear to have fins, gills or scales. Michael Phelps may be good at swimming or whatever but he’s basic as fuck when it comes to procreation.

Michael and Nicole introduced baby Beckett Richard Phelps to the world via Instagram.

Baby Beckett is the couple’s second child. He joins brother Boomer who was born in May of 2016. If you asked me to close my eyes and picture a Boomer and a Beckett I’d be picturing a Chocolate lab and an English Bulldog instead of human children. The Phelps do have two dogs though and I wonder if they just got their wires crossed because the dogs are named Michael Jr. and John. Look, the dude is super good at swimming and making babies, don’t expect him to excel at everything in life!



Michael Phelps Is Going To Race A Shark

June 18, 2017 / Posted by:

The man who scoffs at Aquaman’s tired dog-paddling, Michael Phelps, is so over racing ordinary humans in the pool. For his next trick, the multiple Olympic gold winner is going to RACE A SHARK. And no, it’s not going to require Ryan Lochte taking his dumb ass to Party City to look for a shark costume. We’re talking an actual fins-and-teeth, “GET OUT OF THE WATER!“-type shark. Continue reading


Ryan Lochte Is Sad That His Bruh Michael Phelps Wasn’t There For Him After His Rio Drama

October 4, 2016 / Posted by:

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte look like they’re having a gallon of chlorinated fun in that picture above, but it sounds like it might be the last shirtless Best Bros 4 Life selfie they will ever take together. Ryan recently spoke to USA Today about taking lemons (lying about getting held at gunpoint in Rio) and making lemonade (attempting to win back America’s love by shaking it on Dancing with the Stars). Sadly, Speedo isn’t the only who isn’t returning Ryan Lochte’s phone calls since the Rio incident. Ryan says he’s also having a hard time getting a hold of Michael Phelps.

Continue reading

New Human Alert: Michael Phelps’ Baby Has Arrived

May 7, 2016 / Posted by:

Nature is truly a wonder! They tell us that different species cannot come together to procreate, yet here we stand in awe. Olympic machine, and possible non-human (18 GOLD MEDALS, WHAT?!), Michael Phelps gave his fiancee, Nicole Johnson, who is just a regular human, although she’s a former Miss California, a case of the babies nine months ago. And now said baby has arrived. Please welcome to the stage, Boomer Robert Phelps. Yes, Boomer! Put that in your “I can’t” file.

Michael posted the above picture earlier today on Instagram. But Boomer was actually born on the 5th, as per Michael’s caption:

Welcome Boomer Robert Phelps into the world!!! Born 5-5-2016 at 7:21 pm !!! Healthy and happy!!! Best feeling I have ever felt in my life!!! @nicole.m.johnson and Boomer both healthy!!! #boomerphelps 📷 @boonestudios

Just like those soulless Kartrashians stole Blac Chyna’s Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement, Michael stole it from Nicole. Just look at the picture. Boomer and Michael’s body are totally in sharp focus, Michael is topless and Nicole is blurred out in the back, exhausted from having a baby and reminding me a touch of a Kylie Jenner face swap. Rude, Michael! Rude!

Listen, it’s not my baby and they can name it whatever they want, but Boomer Phelps sounds like something you come up with during the porn name game. Then again, it’s a sporty sounding so they’re probably imagining him winning a million gold medals and zooming to the moon or something. At this point, you’ve gotta give celeb kids a WTF ass name or they take away your fame, right?

Pic: Instagram


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