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“Real Housewives Of Miami’s” Lisa Hochstein Accused Of Planting A “Listening Device” In Her Estranged Husband’s Car

May 11, 2023 / Posted by:

It’s been one year since plastic surgeon “boob god” Lenny Hochstein filed to divorce his wife of 12 years, Real Housewives of Miami’s Lisa Hochstein,  and then immediately went public with his new girlfriend, 26-year-old Austrian ass model, Katharina Mazepa. Since then, Hochstein v. Hochstein has been consistently messy.

Last month, a judge ruled that 56-year-old Lenny must give 40-year-old Lisa $8,000 a month in temporary spousal support, and I thought, hey. Maybe we’re getting somewhere. Maybe this divorce is winding down, and Lenny and Lisa can wrap things up semi-amicably for the sake of the kids. Turns out, I was very wrong. On Tuesday, Lenny filed documents that accuse Lisa of planting a “listening device” in his car to “monitor” his calls. But Lisa tells Page Six that Lenny’s claims are “nonsense” and “lies.” Hochstein v. Hochstein, you’ve done it again!

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“Real Housewives Of Miami’s” Lisa Hochstein Will Get $8,000 A Month In Temporary Support From Her Estranged Husband

April 28, 2023 / Posted by:

Whatever happened to the good old days when trophy wives could divorce their loaded husbands and make out with half their fortune? We’re deff not living in that America anymore because last week, a judge ruled that Real Housewives of Miami cast member Lisa Hochstein’s estranged plastic surgeon husband, Lenny Hochstein, must give her $8,000 a month in temporary support. And just like that, Lisa became upper middle class!

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The Split Between Lisa And Lenny Hochstein Of “Real Housewives Of Miami” Has Gotten Much Messier

August 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Back in May, the news broke that Real Housewives of Miami cast member Lisa Hochstein had split from Lenny Hochstein after 12 years of marriage and 2 kids, 7-year-old Logan and 2-year-old Elle. From the get, this break-up was full of drama. First, it was reported that 56-year-old plastic surgeon Lenny, who calls himself the “boob god,” had already moved on to 26-year-old Austrian ass model Katharina Mazepa. Then, 40-year-old Lisa allegedly confronted the two at a Miami nightclub and a drink was allegedly thrown.

Just three months later, and things have gotten messier than Lenny’s scrubs after a 15-hour facelift/boob job/tummy tuck/BBL complete body overhaul (in Miami they call it, “El Cuádruple”). Lisa filed new court documents that accuse her estranged husband of trying to “financially strangle her,” and Lenny’s new piece Katharina filed a restraining order against Lisa, alleging that she’s been the victim of “harassment, cyberstalking, bullying and defamation.”

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Lisa and Lenny Hochstein Of “Real Housewives Of Miami” Have Split, And Lenny Already Has A New 26-Year-Old Girlfriend

May 16, 2022 / Posted by:

Real Housewives of Miami cast member Lisa Hochstein and her plastic surgeon husband, Lenny Hochstein, are over. This is not earth-shattering information to anyone who watched the last season of the recently rebooted show. In many of their scenes together, Lenny looked like he wanted to plastic-surgery his own face off. He’d scoff, roll his eyes, and make little digs at his wife. 39-year-old Lisa also revealed that Lenny, 55, had an “emotional affair” eight years prior, before they had their two kids, Logan, 6, and Elle, 2. Page Six reports that Lenny is the one who filed for divorce, and he’s already moved on to a new girlfriend, 26-year-old Austrian model Katharina Mazepa.

Even though the couple didn’t confirm the split until today, rumors have been swirling since May 7, when Lisa (accompanied by fellow Miami castmate Larsa Pippen) allegedly confronted Lenny and his new piece at a Miami nightclub. According to witnesses, “a drink was thrown.” Unfortunately, we’ll never get to see the showdown, because there were no Real Housewives cameras at the scene. For shame, Lisa Hochstein!

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