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Lindsey Buckingham Had Emergency Open Heart Surgery Which Messed Up His Vocal Cords

February 10, 2019 / Posted by:

Fleetwood Mac ditched a sizable chunk off the lineup of their glory days of the 1970s and 80s when they unceremoniously dumped Lindsey Buckingham from the group ahead of their tour this past Fall. Lindsey turned around and sued the remaining members of Fleetwood Mac for $12 million claiming potential lost wages from the tour. Both sides eventually settled on a figure, but the battle must’ve caused a helluva lot of stress on Lindsey, because he just went through emergency open heart surgery that has damaged his vocal cords. It’s uncertain if he will recover.

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Lindsey Buckingham, Formerly Of Fleetwood Mac, Is Suing Fleetwood Mac

October 12, 2018 / Posted by:

Things are getting ugly for America’s folksiest group of the 70s Fleetwood Mac. Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is suing the band for a whole bunch of things, claiming that they ousted him of the group for no reason. I don’t know you guys have been together a long ass time, are you sure you didn’t fart on the tour bus one too many times? Continue reading

Lindsey Buckingham Thinks His Firing From Fleetwood Mac Was Political

May 13, 2018 / Posted by:

Sure, Fleetwood Mac is a legendary rock supergroup that could rest on their laurels and never have to work again. But retirement mansions in nice sections of Florida or Arizona can be pricey. They’re all in that stage of their lives and you would think everyone in the band could get along if only to keep those nostalgia tour dollars rolling in. Not so. With the backing of the rest of the band, co-lead singer Stevie Nicks used her fringed shawl-swathed arm and tambourine to gesture towards the exit for guitarist (and her ex) Lindsey Buckingham to leave the band this past April.

Medium reports that Lindsey spoke publicly for the first time about his dismissal while performing at a political fundraiser for Democratic Congressional candidate Mike Levin on Friday. He seems to be equating it with the current political landscape here in the US? Easy there, Lindsay. It was just a song about a Welsh witch and fallin’, fallin’, fallin’. Let’s not pump it up too much. You know you’ll be asked back when this next Buckingham-less tour doesn’t rake in as much cash as previous ones. Continue reading

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