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Katt Williams Claims Employees Stole $57 Million From Him

May 31, 2019 / Posted by:

Katt Williams is claiming employees stole $57 million from him. Which begs the immediate question, Katt Williams had $57 million to steal?! Like American dollars?! I know he’s a legendary comedian but the last thing I remember reading about Katt Williams was him getting into a fight with a 7th grader..

Well, Katt Williams is claiming he’s actually a victim of a crime instead of the perpetrator and that it was his own people who stole from him.

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Katt Williams Got Arrested Again

October 7, 2018 / Posted by:

TMZ reports that eminently arrestable comedian Katt Williams engaged in what seems to be his favorite pastime (being arrested) in Portland, Oregon yesterday morning. Katt is being accused of assaulting the driver of a town car that was supposed to be taking him to an appearance at Portland’s Moda Center. Maybe the driver mentioned how funny he thinks Tiffany Haddish is and Katt was tired of hearing about her again?

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Katt Williams Has Some Thoughts About Tiffany Haddish’s Rise To Fame

September 15, 2018 / Posted by:

It’s been a couple of seconds since infinitely messy comedian Katt Williams has graced the digital pages of Dlisted with his signature style. Were there no 7th graders to beat down, Target cashiers to slap, or seafood restaurants in which to hurl salt shakers at faces, you ask? There probably were but Katt’s not one to revist his classics. He is, however, one to opine on our current crop of comedians in a tone and manner much like your “tell it like it is,” bitter-at-life auntie uses after she’s had too many eggnog cocktails at Christmastime. Katt addressed Tiffany Haddish’s blowing up big time, and pretty much says it’s because she’s into white guys. If so, those are some lucky white dudes.

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Katt Williams Gets 5 Years Probation

December 5, 2016 / Posted by:

For the past couple of years, Katt Williams has been living his life like it’s a sequel to Groundhog Day written by the makers of Grand Theft Auto. Every morning he woke up and got into another illegal shenanigan. It just kept happening over and over and over again. TMZ reports that a judge in Georgia has finally tried to put Katt on a temporary five-year fuckup hiatus by sentencing him to five years probation. “Good morning daddy, time to check in with your probation officer” is the new “Good morning daddy, time for some cereal.

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Katt Williams Got Arrested. Again.

July 25, 2016 / Posted by:

I’m not even going to make you guess what it was for, because I’m 99.9% sure that everyone who read that headline just said “For fighting someone, right?“. Although to be honest, guessing that Katt Williams got arrested for fighting is right up there with answering “Yes” to the question “Is cheese delicious?” on the list of Questions With Truly Obvious Answers.

TMZ says that Katt Williams, seen above working The Nolte for the latest mugshot in his collection, was arrested for battery of a female employee at the Sportsman’s Lodge restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA on Sunday morning. This marks the second time this year that Katt Williams was arrested for beating down an employee at a restaurant, was accused of whooping a woman, and the second time this month that he’s gotten into trouble. Does Katt Williams have a Times I’ve Fucked Up punch card he’s trying to fill?

The details of the fight are kind of murky. All TMZ really knows is that a female employee alleged that Katt Williams attacked her. According to police, the employee had visible minor injuries and was pretty adamant that they arrest Katt for battery. How the alleged fight started, no one can really say. But since it’s Katt Williams we’re talking about, do we really even need a reason why? I’m sure Katt Williams himself doesn’t require a reason to go full-Katt Williams on someone.

Katt was taken into custody around 2:40pm and was released around 6:30pm after posting $20,000 bail. And before Katt walked out the door of the police station, he turned to the booking officer and started belting out “We’ll Meet Again.” That didn’t actually happen, but I like to think that one of these days it will.

Pic: Los Angeles County Sheriff


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