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Sia Went To Rehab After The Backlash Over Her Movie “Music”

January 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Remember the 2021 film Music, directed, written, and produced by Sia, and starring Kate Hudson and Maddie Ziegler? It was a cinematic fiasco that received bad reviews from critics and those who made the decision to watch it. Well, Sia apparently heard everyone’s criticism of the movie, and all that negativity really did a number on her mental health. So much so that she was forced to check herself into rehab for treatment.

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The First Reviews For “Dear Evan Hansen” Are Mixed

September 10, 2021 / Posted by:

The first trailer for the film adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen had barely hit the internet when people began roasting it like a marshmallow, mostly cracking jokes about how the film’s star, 27-year-old Ben Platt, looked more like he should be playing a grown man stressed out about missing a mortgage payment than a high school student. Ben Platt slapped back, saying that adult actors have been playing teens forever, and people need to get over it. So with that mindset, people should go into a viewing of the film and accept it for what it is based on the story and songs and production. And according to some recent reviews, those parts of the movie aren’t great either. Then again, some people that saw it don’t think it’s that bad.

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The Reviews For “The Lion King” Are Looking Grim

July 12, 2019 / Posted by:

Disney had one job to do with their not actually live-action remake of The Lion King and that’s to make sure, at the very least, that everyone watching it felt the love that night. Well, the reviews are in and critics are reporting that not only did they not feel the love, they didn’t feel much of anything. AV Club’s A.A. Dowd called it “Joyless, artless, and maybe soulless” while IndieWire’s David Erlich said it looked like “the world’s longest and least convincing deepfake”. Sounds like the only love to be found in TLK 2019 is sandwiched in between the G and the R in Simba’s voice daddy Donald Glover’s name. I hate to say I told you so (who am I kidding, I love to say  I told you so), but I told you so, Disney!

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Miley Cryus Tweeted Her Displeasure At Reading A “Shitty Review” Of Her EP

June 4, 2019 / Posted by:

Continuing the recent trend in thin-skinned celebrity overreaction to criticism, Miley Cyrus #tooktotwitter to express her extreme displeasure at a bad review for her latest EP “She Is Coming”. The review titled “Miley Cyrus’ ‘She Is Coming’ Is a Directionless Hot Mess Express” appeared in Highsnobiety. It gets 5 stars from me for the headline alone, but Miley feels otherwise and implored its author to suck her nuts.

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