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Asia Argento Has More To Say About Anthony Bourdain

September 25, 2018 / Posted by:

Do I even need to specify that it’s extremely awkward and uncomfortable? Well, maybe for the people who missed Part 1 of Asia Argento’s extremely awkward and uncomfortable interview with DailyMailTV. The DailyMailTV dropped the second half of their exclusive interview with Asia Argento today. Yesterday Asia revealed that she was very angry after learning her boyfriend Anthony Bourdain took his own life. Now Asia is talking about the accusations she faced on the internet from people who accused her of being the reason Anthony died.

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Asia Argento’s Accuser Jimmy Bennett Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct In 2015

September 16, 2018 / Posted by:

The Daily Beast is reporting that Asia Argento accuser Jimmy Bennett was himself accused of stalking, threatening, and “sexual offenses” by an ex-girlfriend in 2015. This situation is multi-layered like an onion. Except, it’s the kind of onion you wouldn’t use in a salad, or to make French onion soup, and you certainly wouldn’t pair it with peppers and put it on a cheesesteak. This onion should be thrown in a dumpster and the lid should be firmly shut with a satisfying clang after it.

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Asia Argento Claims Her Accuser Was The One Who Sexually Assaulted Her 

September 5, 2018 / Posted by:

Asia Argento is back to make your skin crawl.

You’ll remember that Asia was one of the big, vocal people in the #MeToo movement and spoke a lot about how disgusting Harvey Weinstein was for assaulting all those women. And then it came to light that Asia was accused of sexually assaulting actor Jimmy Bennett when he was only 17. She paid him off and then said that dearly departed chef, and her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain, was the one who arranged the pay off because… I guess that makes her look better? In her mind? Not really sure her motivation with that one.

Asia denied ever having sex with Jimmy, but then a picture of her lying in bed with him and alleged texts where she admits being with him were leaked. Now we have the next chapter: and it is just as dark as the first few.

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Asia Argento’s Sexual Assault Accuser Jimmy Bennett Says He Was Afraid To Speak Out

August 22, 2018 / Posted by:

Since The New York Times came out with a story saying that #MeToo activist and Harvey Weinstein accuser, Asia Argento, paid an actor named Jimmy Bennett $380,000 after he accused her of sexually assaulting him when he was 17 and she was 37 in 2013 (the age of consent in California is 18), there’s been more layers added to this mound of ick. Asia responded, saying that if the NYT story was a movie, it’d be Liar Liar, because she says she never had sex with 17-year-old Jimmy and also said that it was Anthony Bourdain’s idea to cough up the pay-off because he was afraid the accusations would ruin their reputations. Asia also painted Jimmy as a money-hungry lost soul who she and Anthony took pity upon by giving him money. Stangely enough, Asia was never granted sainthood for that act, instead there’s been leaked text messages and a picture of her in bed with Jimmy that contradicts her side of the story.

Asia admitted in the alleged text messages to having sex with Jimmy and claimed she didn’t know he was a minor until he threatened to sue her for $3.7 million for emotional distress, lost wages, assault, and battery. The alleged text message where she claims she didn’t know how old he was is a major side-eye since she directed him when he was 7 years old in The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. I’ve seen THIDAAT and there’s plenty of disturbing shit in that movie, but this is easily the most disturbing thing to ever come out of it.

The accuser Jimmy Bennet, now 22, has issued his own statement to the NYT.

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Leaked Texts Totally Contradict Asia Argento’s Denial Of The Allegations From Her Accuser  

August 22, 2018 / Posted by:

Asia Argento is being accused of sexually assaulting actor Jimmy Bennet when he was 17. She paid him off to the tune of $380, 000 despite claiming that the sex never happened, saying: “I have never had any sexual relationship with Bennett.”

Then she made things even darker and grosser by claiming in a statement that her recently-deceased ex Anthony Bourdain was the one who initiated the settlement. There’s now a picture and alleged text message receipts proving that Asia did have sex with a minor. Grab your popcorn! …and then immediately dump out your popcorn: you’ll need a bucket to throw up into. Continue reading

Asia Argento Has Issued A Statement That Claims Anthony Bourdain Initiated Her Sexual Assault Settlement

August 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Asia Argento may have just used up the last of any public goodwill she had earned, by dragging her recently deceased boyfriend Anthony Bourdain into the sexual assault scandal that surfaced against her this week. Asia stands accused of sexually assaulting 17-year-old Jimmy Bennett in 2013, not long after she made allegations of her own against Harvey Weinstein. Jimmy was paid $380,000 in hush money, a fact that was made public when somebody showed the New York Times incriminating photographs of Asia and Jimmy in a presumed post-coital embrace. Now Asia has come forward with a statement in her defense. One that claims that the pay-off was all Tony’s idea. Prepare to be disturbed.

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