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Iggy Azalea Doesn’t Want To Talk About Her Totally-Fine Relationship

April 19, 2016 / Posted by:

Despite repeatedly bringing it up on Twitter, and talking about it on Ellen and talking to the press, and making a joke about cutting off his dick during an interview with a Florida radio station, Iggy Azalea does NOT want to talk about the current state of her relationship with Nick Young. I don’t know where people got the idea that she wanted to discuss that messy cheating situation, but apparently she doesn’t.

Iggy recently took to Twitter to let everyone know that Iggy Azalea is a very private person (which is why she chose an intimate close-friends-only platform like Twitter) and requested that we stop asking her about her relationship. Iggy began by retweeting a joke about how that troublemaking bitch The Media manufactured a lukewarm scandal after she was recently seen not wearing her engagement ring. She then said that she’s still with Nick and wants everyone to leave her personal life alooooooone.

You hear that, The Media? Stop asking Iggy about Nick Young! “If only there was a person in Iggy’s entourage who could screen interview questions ahead of time to make sure she was only asked her about her music….” thought Iggy’s publicist.

Personally, I’m with Iggy on this one. I would love it if all questions pertained to Iggy’s career as a rapper. Maybe that way we’ll finally get the answer to the burning question: “Exactly what words were you attempting to speak in this video?” I think we’re all curious to know what the answer to that is.

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Iggy Azalea Says She’ll Make Part Of Nick Young’s Dick Disappear If He Cheats Again

April 11, 2016 / Posted by:

And not in a “Watch as I make 3/4 of your dick magically disappear into my mouth” way either. The closest DNA match to a plastic microphone from the Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game, Iggy Azalea, is once again talking about that time her fiance Nick Young cheated on her. Except this time, she said that Nick won’t get off so easy if he does it again.

During a recent appearance on WiLD 94.1’s O & The Freaks radio show (via TMZ), Iggy admitted that she’ll cut off part of Nick’s dick if she discovers that it’s been in another random. When asked whether Iggy will be the type of basketball wife to snoop through Nick’s away game bags for stray hoochie weave hairs or just accept that his dick is going to roam free on the road, Iggy answered:

“No, I’m not cool with it. Like, you will have half a penis. I already said ‘One more video, just one more thing, and you will lose a quarter of your meat.’ That’s why he got to slide this time. Just let me get some real evidence, and you’re gonna lose half an inch.”

It all happens around the 1:57 mark.

Who knew that Iggy’s spirit animal was Lorena Bobbitt? Also, what was that “lose half an inch” comment? She says she’ll cut off between a quarter to half of his dick, then says he’ll lose half an inch. Does that mean Nick Young is working with a 1-2″ dick? Either that was a bit of subtle shade on the size of Nick’s penis, or Iggy’s way of confirming that she’s as good at fractions as she is at rapping and paying her taxes.

But if Nick decides to cheat on Iggy again, he could always protect “his meat” by telling Iggy that his dick is cursed and if she cuts it off, she’ll be forced to do an on-the-spot freestyle rap during every radio interview for the rest of her life. If she believes him, then it’s safe to say his dick is safe forever.

Here’s Iggy at a Miami Beach Gay Pride event this weekend. Iggy was the Grand Marshall this year. I guess Miami Beach’s greatest legend, Starina, wasn’t available.

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It Looks Like Iggy Azalea Has Forgiven Nick Young For That Whole Cheating With A 19-Year-Old Thing

April 6, 2016 / Posted by:

Last week, we learned that Iggy Azalea and her L.A. Lakers fiance Nick Young weren’t in a good place. A video filmed by Nick’s teammate D’Angelo Russell (and maybe leaked by an out-for-revenge Nicki Minaj) appeared on the internet of Nick admitting that he cheated on Iggy with a 19-year-old girl. Since the word “cheating” gets worse when you add the words “with a 19-year-old“, it made sense to assume that it was only a matter of time before Iggy canned her wedding.

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Nicki Minaj Might Have Leaked Nick Young’s Cheating Confession Video

April 1, 2016 / Posted by:

A video showing Iggy Azalea’s fiance Nick Young admitting to two-timing her with a 19-year-old was “leaked” onto the internet last week, and the prime suspect quickly became Nick’s fellow Los Angeles Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell. D’Angelo claims he only recorded it as a prank and that he’s sorry it was made public. As for how it ended up on the internet, that’s still a mystery. I’m sure if you ask the rest of the Lakers, or anyone who booed him at Wednesday night’s game, they’d say that D’Angelo did it. According to Fameolous (via Inquisitr), the real culprit responsible for the leaking is (dramatic music)…Nicki Minaj!

Fameolous alleges that someone from Nicki’s team slipped them the video shortly after Iggy’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live last week. During a game of Plead The Fifth, Iggy was asked about the 2014 BET Awards when Nicki not-so-subtly addressed the rumors that Iggy doesn’t write any of the lyrics that come out of her mouth. Iggy answered that she doesn’t really care because Nicki didn’t name her by name. Iggy added that Nicki’s songs have just as many writing credits as her songs do. She also swatted back a bit by saying “If she writes hers, I believe her too.

Apparently that was enough for Nicki to scream “Release the hounds! I mean, video. Release the video.” Fameolous claims the video was given to them the next day. However, Gossip Cop is calling bullshit on Fameolous’ story and are adamant Nicki had nothing to do with it.

Hmmm…who to believe, who to believe. Honestly, I feel like leaking a What Would You Do? With John Quinones-looking hidden camera video of Iggy’s fiance isn’t nearly shady enough for a diabolical bitch like Nicki. Nicki seems more like the type who would invite Iggy on stage at a concert, then proceed to hand her a piece of lined paper and a 2B pencil, show her to a desk, and tell her she’s got 60 minutes to write three verses. “And no cheating, Iggy – you can only use real words.

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Iggy Azalea And Nick Young’s Love Is Circling The Drain

March 30, 2016 / Posted by:

Iggy Azalea’s wedding plans may end up in the shredder, because her relationship with fiancé Nick “Swaggy P” Young is barely hanging on after a video of him admitting to cheating on her ended up on the Internet.

Last week, a video popped up of 30-year-old Swaggy P, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, hanging out in his hotel room with his teammate D’Angelo Russell. Swaggy didn’t know that D’Angelo was recording him when he talked about the time he passed his peen to a 19-year-old girl he met at a club last summer. Swaggy was very much with Iggy back then and was already engaged to her ass. D’Angelo also asked Swaggy if he’s ever gotten with Amber Rose and he just says, “No, she’s my girl.”

Swaggy P’s dumbass learned an important lesson: If you’re going to tell your friend about your cheating ways, make sure you do it while you’re both naked in the bathroom and the shower is on. Or make sure you do it while that clip of Iggy free styling is playing, because if your shady friend is recording you and the video ends up on the Internet, no one will watch it. They’ll click off as soon as they hear Iggy freestyling.

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