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Armie Hammer Really Is Working At A Timeshare In The Caymans

July 10, 2022 / Posted by:

Well, it’s confirmed. If you want a great deal on a part-time vacation home, just pop on over to the Cayman Islands, schedule a meeting with Mr. Armand Douglas Hammer (a.k.a Armie Hammer), and you can get yourself a sweet beachside property! A few days ago, a flier went around claiming that Armie was working as a hotel concierge in the Caymans, but his rep said that flier was fake. But when Armie was spotted helping out at a timeshare office, his rep had nothing to say about that. TMZ now says that Armie is currently taking on his greatest new role: timeshare salesman.

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Jessica Ciencin Henriquez Is Apparently Done Lunching With Armie Hammer And Has Blocked Him On Instagram

November 2, 2020 / Posted by:

One thing to know about Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, besides who she is and why we’re talking about her, is that Jessica Ciencin Heriquez is not afraid to put a dude on blast. Like, on a list of Five Things To Know About Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, right under #1 (she’s a writer who used to be married to Josh Lucas that dude from the Hallmark movies) and #2 (she once went on a date with Armie Hammer soon after he announced his split from his wife Elizabeth Chambers) is #3 (will put a motherfucker on blast.) According to Just Jared, Jessica recently posted on Twitter that despite having enjoyed a cozy lunch date with Armie back in September, she has since blocked him on Instagram.

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