Naomi to Perform Her Victim’s Job

March 6, 2007 / Posted by:


Naomi Campbell has been ordered to serve 5-days of community service after she threw her cell phone at one of her maids. Naomi will be forced to get on her hands and knees and scrub floors. Unfortunately, it will be indoors away from the paps.

She apparently didn’t want to deal with the media frenzy Boy George caused last August when he was photographed cleaning the streets for her community service. Naomi will serve at Manhattan’s Sanitation Department warehouse.

Lame. How is that a punishment? Cleaning the floors? They should make her clean her damn maid’s house!



A Video for Every Song?

March 1, 2007 / Posted by:

Not a day goes by without a new Beyonce video. Yesterday was that video with Beyonce bumping juicy asses with Shakira and today is “Upgrade U” with Jay-Z. I heard that Beyonce was fixin’ to do a video for every song on the re-release of her album Toilet aka Bidet aka B’Day. Not sure if that shit is true or not. About the video…why is bitch in the trunk? And since she’s in the trunk, why didn’t someone take the opportunity to close the door and drive the car into Rocky Gulch?!


Virgie Gets Denied!

February 26, 2007 / Posted by:

virgie.jpg Anna Nicole Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur, filed papers on Friday to try and stop a judge’s decision. It was her last lame attempt to try and gain custody of Anna’s remains, so that she can be buried in Texas with her estranged family. That drama queen judge already awarded Anna’s remains to Dannielynn Hope and suggested she be buried with her son in the Bahamas. Today judge drama queen denied Virgie’s appeal and said, “Arthur seeks an indefinite stay and has shown no intent to expedite the proceedings.” Virgie needs to save the drama for Anna’s funeral. I’m sure she’s going to wail up a storm and throw her fat ass on Anna’s coffin while cameras film her every crocodile tear. Source


SCANDAL! Is Daniel the Real Baby Daddy of Danielynn Hope?

February 9, 2007 / Posted by:

Several of you have e-mailed this theory and now Janet Charlton is reporting that she’s heard the same thing. Sources say that a judge’s recent decision demanding that a DNA test be performed on Danielynn Hope took a toll on Anna Nicole Smith. When she arrived at the Hard Rock Casino in Florida, she was out of it and slurring her words. Sources speculate that her daughter’s real father is neither Larry Birkhead or Howard K. Stern. Several suspect that Anna’s deceased son, Daniel Smith, could be the real father.

Sources also speculate that Anna didn’t want this to be revealed, so she killed herself. Yes, this is VERY far fetched but this whole saga is extremely far fetched. The speculation goes as far to say that Howard had something to do with Daniel’s death, because he knew he was the real father. But how was Howard to know that Larry Birkhead was going to challenge the paternity of Danielynn? I’m sure hundreds of stories like this are going to surface. Drama.

Did I Miss Something?

February 5, 2007 / Posted by:

When did Kristen Johnston of “Third Rock from the Sun” get so skinny? I thought she was a big boned girl? Well, she showed off some skinny bones at the “Music & Lyrics” premiere tonight in London. Kristen is doing some play up in London. She looks hot. Maybe it’s the black that’s slimming her?


Aniston’s New Nose

February 5, 2007 / Posted by:

Jennifer Aniston confirmed that she had a little nose work to fix a past problem last year. She had the work in December and debuted her now schnoze at the Santa Barbara Film Festival last night. Jen was in town to promote her directorial debut on “Room 10.” The movie stars Robin Wright Penn and Kris Kristofferson.

Below is Jen’s nose in October (on the right) and her nose yesterday. I can’t tell the different. She still looks an Afghan dog!


anistonnose5.jpg anistonnose4.jpg anistonnose3.jpg

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