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Brendan Fraser Says He Will Not Attend The Golden Globes If He’s Nominated For “The Whale” Because Of The Former HFPA Member Who Groped Him

November 16, 2022 / Posted by:

In 2018, Brendan Fraser went public with his #MeToo story. He shared that, back in 2003, he was groped at a party by Philip Berk, the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. In 2021, Philip was expelled from HFPA after emailing an article to his fellow members that described Black Lives Matter as a “racist hate movement.” Creepy and racist? What a guy! Fast forward to now. Brendan is getting awards buzz for his performance in The Whale. In an interview with GQ for their Man of the Year cover story (he’s their Comeback of the Year), 53-year-old Brendan says that if he ends up getting nominated for a Golden Globe, he won’t go to the ceremony. He explains he has “more history” with HFPA than he has respect for HFPA, adding, “My mother didn’t raise a hypocrite.”¬†

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The Golden Globes Will Probably Return To NBC Next Year

August 10, 2022 / Posted by:

There were no Golden Globes on NBC this year. Awards were given out in a scaled down ceremony at the Beverly Hilton, but they weren’t aired. Every celebrity in the world, save Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, declined the invitation to go. And those two only showed up in separate pre-taped segments, neither of which had anything to do with True Lies! You see, everyone hates the Hollywood Foreign Press. Major PR firms told their clients to ignore HFPA until they actually follow through on their promises to improve diversity, inclusivity, and not accept bribes and gifts (see: Emily in Paris getting two nominations after giving voters a glamorous trip to France). A few months ago, we learned that the awards show lost their PR firm. All signs pointed to the death of the Golden Globes: 1944-2022. Pia Zadora had already prepared a beautiful eulogy. But now Deadline is reporting that the Globes may actually be resurrected on NBC next year. Sorry, Pia! Back to your cave you go.

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The Golden Globes Have Lost Their PR Firm

March 11, 2022 / Posted by:

Somewhere the ghost of the CableACE Awards is opening the rusty gate of the Deceased Entertainment Awards Shows Cemetery, as the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards curls a bony finger in the direction of the Golden Globe Awards, moaning “Rooooom for one more“. Because everything that keeps happening to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association feels like a clue that death is imminent for the Golden Globe Awards, once Tinseltown’s favorite night to pat themselves on the back while also getting drunk live on TV, and is now currently the number one place a showbiz type doesn’t want to be seen. Even NBC, the network that has broadcast the show forever, decided to sit this one out this year. Now we’re learning that even the Golden Globes’ own PR firm doesn’t want anything to do with them.

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Jamie Lee Curtis And Arnold Schwarzenegger Were The Only Celebrities Involved With The 2022 Golden Globes Last Night

January 10, 2022 / Posted by:

The 79th Annual Golden Globe Awards were shaping up to be such a sad, unglamorous mess, they might as well have been officially nicknamed the Tinfoil-wrapped Globes. About a week prior to the show, it was rumored that not a single celebrity had agreed to participate in what was very recently one of the most star-studded events on the Hollywood awards show calendar. And as expected, there really weren’t any famous faces involved in the ceremony, except for two. Jamie Lee Curtis showed up in a pre-taped segment for the HFPA’s advocacy work and Arnold Schwarzenegger did a video where he praised the organization for trying to be more diverse. I’d ask what Jamie Lee Curtis is doing involved with such a shit show, but then I remembered her work with Activia yogurt, so navigating a shit-show is kind of in her wheelhouse.

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The Golden Globes Will Still Give Out Awards This Year Despite NBC Not Airing Them

October 12, 2021 / Posted by:

Looks like Emily In Paris really did to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association what The Weeknd wished he did to the Grammys. JK, it wasn’t all that unilingual semi-fashionable brat’s fault but she did draw a lot of attention. This year the Golden Globes, which are given by the members of the HFPA, were exposed by the LA Times who revealed that there was not one single Black person in their organization as well as “ethical lapses” in the HFPA including accusations of self-dealing. *Cough* Emily In Paris *COUGH!* The HFPA apologized and promised to do better but the pile-on had begun. PR firms told their A-list clients to ignore the Golden Globes until they make big changes. Then NBC canceled the 2022 broadcast and Tom Cruise caught some free attention by returning three of his own Golden Globes. Well, just because no one cares about them anymore doesn’t mean the HFPA won’t go through with a party, Deadline says that even though it won’t be on TV the Golden Globes still plan to give out awards.

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Tom Cruise Has Given Back His Three Golden Globe Awards In Protest Of The HFPA

May 11, 2021 / Posted by:

Tom Cruise hasn’t had much luck with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences; he’s a three-time Oscar nominee and zero-time winner. But, Tom has done much better with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. He’s a seven-time Golden Globe Award nominee and three-time winner. And before today, you could probably assume those three Golden Globe Awards held a very special place on his trophy shelf. It’s pretty clear the HFPA loves Tom Cruise. They nominated him for The Last Samurai, what more proof do you need? But right now, the love isn’t mutual. Tom Cruise has joined Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Netflix, NBC, and many¬†Hollywood publicists, by publicly dragging the HFPA and their ability to do the absolute least when it comes to diversity. Although he did it without saying a word. Tom simply returned his awards.

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