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Alec Baldwin Asks His Fans To Follow Hilaria Baldwin On Instagram For Her Birthday

January 6, 2023 / Posted by:

Welp. I think we know how Alec Baldwin got to eight kids and no doubt counting. Page Six reports that earlier today, Alec #ignitedinstragram with a request for his fans to follow his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, on Instagram, as a personal favor to him, on the occasion of Hilaria’s birthday so that she may reach the pinnacle of her career as an esposa/madre/yogui/mujer de influencia y cultural fluidity (sorry, that last one broke Google translate) by reaching the threshold of 1 million followers. At the time of this writing, Hilaria has 996K followers, and Alec says that reaching that mark would really make her day. Kinda makes you wonder what Hilaria’s magic number for babies is and if she’ll have enough time to reach it before there’s a global shortage of Baldwin spunk.

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Open Post: Hosted By The Olsens Wishing Ashley Benson A Happy Birthday

December 19, 2019 / Posted by:

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen made a very rare social media appearance when they wished Ashley Benson, who was on Pretty Little Liars and is an Olsen superfan, a happy 30th birthday. Ashley Benson seemed THRILLED to get the message, simply captioning the post with: “dreams do come true.” And she’s not wrong. It’s thrilling seeing the elusive twins use their voices to wish a fan/friend a happy birthday. I always thought they were robots (ie Vicki from Small Wonder) who were powered by cigarettes and Starbucks. So it’s great to see them do human stuff! Even if it was done with as much enthusiasm as a hungover DMV employee who has to deal with someone asking them a million questions on a Monday.

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