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Bryan Singer Is Self Financing A Documentary To Deny The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him

June 7, 2023 / Posted by:

For years, there were no-so-secret whispers about director Bryan Singer’s alleged predatory ways. And in 2019, those whispers became published accounts when The Atlantic released an exposé on Bryan. The Atlantic heard from four individuals who say the director sexually assaulted them while they were minors- all of which he denied. And more horrible stories followed. But again, it didn’t seem to come as a shock to Hollywood, as one source told the publication, “After the Harvey Weinstein news came out, everyone thought Bryan Singer would be next.” Now, four years later, Bryan’s using the Louis C.K. blueprint of waiting a few years and then self-financing his comeback- by making a documentary addressing the sexual assault allegations against him.

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Vanity Fair Published An Exposé On Armie Hammer And His Family

March 11, 2021 / Posted by:

Vanity Fair just published a new Armie Hammer exposé entitled: The Fall of Armie Hammer: A Family Saga of Sex, Money, Drugs, and Betrayal. There’s not a ton of new information about Armie’s penchant for cannibalism or the abuse allegations (although there are loads of online rumors suggesting a bigger article is on the horizon); the article mainly explores how five generations of Armie’s family have been embroiled in “drugs, sex, dysfunction, and betrayal.”  Continue reading

“Super Size Me 2” Is Coming Out, Even After Morgan Spurlock Admitted To Sexual Misconduct

July 17, 2019 / Posted by:

Fifteen years ago, documentarian Morgan Spurlock created Super Size Me and it let Americans in on a teeny, tiny secret we’ve been avoiding: fast food is bad for your health. WHO KNEW!?

Morgan Spurlock delivered brand new information by letting us know that eating fast food every day, all day is a form of psychological and physical torture. Well, Morgan Spurlock must’ve missed the clogged arteries, because he’s doing another film about fast food. This time he’s creating his own fast food chicken restaurant and exposing some of the short cuts and sidestepping of the law that gets done to make some cheap, fast food chicken. And yes, Super Size Me 2 will actually see the light of day even after Morgan Spurlock confirmed that several women were right to say #MeToo about him.

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