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Bryan Singer Is Self Financing A Documentary To Deny The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him

June 7, 2023 / Posted by:

For years, there were no-so-secret whispers about director Bryan Singer’s alleged predatory ways. And in 2019, those whispers became published accounts when The Atlantic released an exposé on Bryan. The Atlantic heard from four individuals who say the director sexually assaulted them while they were minors- all of which he denied. And more horrible stories followed. But again, it didn’t seem to come as a shock to Hollywood, as one source told the publication, “After the Harvey Weinstein news came out, everyone thought Bryan Singer would be next.” Now, four years later, Bryan’s using the Louis C.K. blueprint of waiting a few years and then self-financing his comeback- by making a documentary addressing the sexual assault allegations against him.

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Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out Emotional Men In Hollywood And Names Bryan Singer As One Of Them

December 19, 2022 / Posted by:

During The Hollywood Reporter’s actress roundtable featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams, Michelle Yeoh, Danielle Deadwyler, Emma Corrin, and Claire Foy, Jennifer mentioned that it’s still hard for female directors out there because of the “emotional” label placed on women. But if you wanna see “emotional,” look no further than Bryan Singer as Jennifer roasted the director who she worked with on the X-Men reboot. I mean, if we’re listing overly-dramatic men who are accused abusers in Hollywood to avoid, we’ll be here all day!

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Bryan Singer’s Ex-Boyfriend Writes About Their “Abusive And Traumatizing” Relationship

December 22, 2021 / Posted by:

Everything I allegedly know about Bryan Singer is, how you say – not great. He’s been accused of being a sexual predator and a horrible boss. Most people are familiar with the former, which can be summed up as Bryan Singer has been accused multiple times of sexually assaulting young men and sometimes underage boys. Well, his former boyfriend of four years spoke to Variety about their relationship, and I’m sure you’ll be thoroughly shocked to learn that it wasn’t four years of flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and Red Lobster dates. Less surprising? That his ex was a teenager when they first got together. You saw that one coming, didn’t you?

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YouTuber Elijah Daniel Alleges That Bryan Singer Is Still Running A Sex Ring

June 24, 2020 / Posted by:

In January 2019, The Atlantic published an exposé on 54-year-old director Bryan Singer, which basically informed anyone not familiar with the longstanding rumors, that Bryan Singer is a lover of pool parties and underage boys. Not long after, Bryan’s Red Sonja remake got shelved indefinitely, and it was revealed a few months later that Red Sonja was going ahead, just not with him directing it. So what’s the disgraced Hollywood director been up to since? According to YouTuber and influencer Elijah Daniel, Bryan has been up to the same old creepy tricks since being forced into semi-retirement.

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Olivia Munn Says That Bryan Singer Disappeared For 10 Days While Filming “X-Men: Apocalypse”

April 29, 2020 / Posted by:

I’m sure there are some people who would be more than okay to see Bryan Singer disappear forever, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Olivia Munn talked to Variety to promote her new movie Violet, which was directed by Mallory Keaton herself, Justine Bateman. Violet is the first film Olivia has ever done that was directed by a woman, so Variety asked her to explain if the experience was any different from all the times she’s worked with a male director. Olivia could have picked any of her former male directors to compare against her experience with Justine. But she specifically singled out Bryan Singer as the worst of the worst by telling a story about Bryan going MIA during the filming of X-Men: Apocalypse.

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