That Bryan Singer Exposé Has Finally Come Out, And Prepare To Soak Your Brain In Clorox

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Sales for funnels that fit in ear holes and bleach strong enough to cleanse away dark-sided-wrapped darker-sided shit jumped up when news came out that Esquire was going to completely pull the stained, disgusting curtain off of Bryan Singer’s  alleged predator ways. That was last fall, and Bryan Singer himself tried to get ahead of the Esquire article by saying it was a dirty smear campaign full of blatant lies. Most of us (read: none of us) nodded at his statement like, “Yes, we believe you,” because we’ve only heard stories about how he’s an upstanding citizen who only has consensual relations with men of legal age (read: we’ve heard the opposite).

Esquire never published that article, but what Esquire wouldn’t do, The Atlantic did. They published a Bryan Singer exposé including interviews with new accusers who claim that he used and/or raped them when they were underage boys. Bryan already slammed the article for being a lying piece of gay-hating filth, which makes sense, because bitch has a career (and a Red Sonja reboot) to try and save. Whenever I read or hear the word “exposé,” my stuck-in-the-80-mind thinks of THEE Exposé, and well, maybe this article will lead to Bryan’s career really hitting the point of no return, the point being the bottom of a shit can.

I was a youngin’ myself (so the year was like 1863) when I first heard stories about Bryan Singer’s pool parties full of twinks, and how nothing broke his boner like a dude being able to legally buy a drink. Or hell, legally buy cigarettes. The Atlantic piece from Alex French and Maximillian Porter brings up how the fucked-up stories about Bryan Singer have been around for years. They talked to more than 50 sources, spent a year investigating, and tried their best to verify the stories of Bryan’s accusers, like speaking with friends and confirming layout details with the current homeowners of the houses where accusers claim the abuse went down.

The Atlantic also went into detail about stories we’ve already heard, like the unraveling of Michael Egan’s lawsuit against Bryan. Michael sued Bryan and others for sexually abusing him. Michael later dropped his lawsuit. In addition to that, The Atlantic got into Bryan getting fired from Bohemian Rhapsody for reportedly being an unreliable train wreck, and how several lawsuits were dropped into the laps of  Bryan and production on Apt Pupil for a locker room scene where several underage boys were told to get naked. There’s a longtime rumor about how Bryan regularly showed cut footage from that locker room scene at his parties.

The Atlantic’s report includes an interview with Cesar Sanchez-Guzman, the man who filed a lawsuit against Bryan in 2017 for allegedly raping him on a yacht when he was 17 in 2003. Cesar told the story, and added that he believes after he filed the lawsuit, Bryan tried to destroy his life. He’s frustrated about how slow the lawsuit is moving.

Four men also came forward to tell their story for the first time. They never went to the police at the time, because they were ashamed and scared. One man said that he was 17 when he had sex with Bryan at a party. Another said he was 15 when he had sex with Bryan at a house in Beverly Hills. Both said Bryan knew they were under the California legal age of 18.

Victor Valdovinos said that he was a 13-year-old seventh grader when Bryan and company came to his junior high school in Altadena, CA to shoot scenes for Apt Pupil. Bryan approached him in a bathroom, and told him he was really good looking, and asked him to be in the movie. Victor said he was in that infamous locker room scene, and claimed that when he arrived for the shoot, he was told to get naked and put a towel around his waist. Bryan later took him to a private spot away from everybody else, and repeatedly molested him throughout the day. Victor could never bring himself to watch the movie, but his brother did and told him he was cut from the locker room scene. Bryan’s lawyer claimed there’s no record of Victor being an extra and said Bryan never met him. But Victor’s father said that he did drop him off for the shoot. When the era of #MeToo began, Victor tried to file a civil suit against Bryan and thought about filing a police report, but was told that too much time had passed.

Another accuser, Ben, said that like several of the boys at Bryan’s pool parties, his family kicked him out of the house as a teenager. Ben met Bryan when he was 16 through a “roommate” of  Bryan’s, and was eventually passed around to Bryan’s pervy older friends. Ben said that Bryan was into shitting on the lines of consent and got off on putting his hands on a boy without permission. Ben also accused Bryan of piling booze and drugs onto boys before abusing them.

Andy, the accuser who said he was 15 when he fell into Bryan’s clutches, said that he met Bryan through Marc Collins-Rector (RECTOR!!!), a Hollywood exec turned convicted sex offender. Andy told Bryan what grade he was in, so Bryan knew he was 15. Bryan was about 31 at the time. Bryan took Andy to a bedroom at a party, and the late Brad Renfro was also in the room.

As Andy tells it, he and Singer weren’t alone in the bedroom. Singer had brought along Brad Renfro—the star of Apt Pupil, who was now 15. (According to two sources, Singer sometimes referred to Renfro as his boyfriend.) Renfro sat sheepishly next to the waterbed, looking unsure of what to do while Singer and Andy fooled around. Clothes came off, but Renfro didn’t move.

Brad Renfro ended up leaving the room and Andy said he and Bryan had sex. Like many of the accusers, Andy said that after being used and tossed by Bryan and RECTOR, he got into drugs, got in trouble with cops, and wonders what his life would’ve been like if he never met them.

There’s a lot, lot more to The Atlantic’s report, and you can read it all here. Bryan responded to it pretty much the same way he responded to the news about Esquire’s article. He thinks The Atlantic should be called The HACKlantic because it’s taking advantage of the success of the movie he was fired from.

“The last time I posted about this subject, Esquire magazine was preparing to publish an article written by a homophobic journalist who has a bizarre obsession with me dating back to 1997. After careful fact-checking and, in consideration of the lack of credible sources, Esquire chose not to publish this piece of vendetta journalism.

“That didn’t stop this writer from selling it to The Atlantic. It’s sad that The Atlantic would stoop to this low standard of journalistic integrity. Again, I am forced to reiterate that this story rehashes claims from bogus lawsuits filed by a disreputable cast of individuals willing to lie for money or attention. And it is no surprise that, with Bohemian Rhapsody being an award-winning hit, this homophobic smear piece has been conveniently timed to take advantage of its success.”

Speaking of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek said that he never heard about the allegations against Bryan Singer while making the movie. Bohemian Rhapsody filmed in late 2017, years after the stories about Bryan hit the mainstream. But in Rami’s defense, your memory of hearing about the allegations might be clouded too if you were so thirsty for Oscar and all you were thinking about were gold trophies dancing around you.

Bryan’s lawyer also gave this ridiculous statement to The Atlantic.

When asked for comment, Singer’s lawyer, Andrew B. Brettler, noted that Singer has never been arrested for or charged with any crime, and that Singer categorically denies ever having sex with, or a preference for, underage men.

The fuck is “underage men“?! I know I’m the last mess who should drag someone for spelling errors, but Bryan and his lawyer should really spend some time with a private spelling tutor. I was going to say that they should go back to grade school, but that’s not a good idea. I mean, Bryan’s lawyer spelled “boys” wrong and Bryan spelled “predatorphobic” as “homophobic” for some reason.


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