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Arnold Schwarznegger Was Involved A Bad Car Crash But Is Doing Fine

January 22, 2022 / Posted by:

Apart from standing in a filled bathtub in the middle of an empty field during a raging thunderstorm, driving a car is likely the most dangerous thing you can do. And in America, we all gotta do it to get around, from the humblest West Elm employee to the aging action heroes of the 80s. Speaking of which, Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently in an accident that left four cars pretty dramatically banged up. Arnie may need a solicit the services of a stuntman when he drives!

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Kevin Hart’s Wife Says He’s Going To Be Fine After He Got Messed Up In A Car Crash And Needed Back Surgery

September 3, 2019 / Posted by:

Kevin Hart was in a serious car accident on Sunday morning, and is now in the hospital, recovering from back surgery. Kevin’s friend Jared Black was driving Kevin’s vintage Barracuda when he careened off the road and crashed. Jared also suffered serious back injuries and was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center, where his condition is not known. Rebecca Broxterman, who is Jared’s fiancee and the personal trainer of Kevin’s wife Eniko Parrish, was also in the car, but only suffered minor injuries. The car on the other hand looks like it got the Charlie Sheen Car-In-A-Ditch Special ie: all the way FUCKED UP.

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Harvey Weinstein Crashed His Jeep Into A Tree

August 27, 2019 / Posted by:

Harvey Weinstein crashed his Jeep into a tree, and I know we’re all thinking, “Jeez, I hope that tree is okay.” Turns out Harvey escaped unharmed but the poor tree may need some therapy after having been touched by an alleged serial groper/rapist. And lord knows if there’s ever a movie about this crash, Scarlett Johansson is a shoo-in for the role of that tree. In fairness, she has proved she’s fine working with creeps.

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