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Sinead O’Connor Is Sorry For Saying That Arsenio Hall Gave Drugs To Prince

February 23, 2017 / Posted by:

Sinead O’Connor found herself on the receiving end of a $5 million defamation lawsuit from Arsenio Hall in May 2016 after she suggested on Facebook that Prince died from drugs that were supplied to him by his “bitch” Arsenio. She also alleged that Arsenio once tried to drug her drink at a party at Eddie Murphy’s house years ago. Initialy, Sinead responded to Arsenio’s lawsuit by telling “Arse-inio” to suck her dick, but only if he wasn’t “too busy sucking someone else’s dick.” Sinead’s feelings have now changed.

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Sinead O’Connor Wants Arsenio Hall To Suck Her Dick

May 7, 2016 / Posted by:

We’re all still reeling from the loss of one of God’s sexiest and most purple angels, Prince, so people are gonna be dragging this for a while. Everyone’s favorite game when death comes knocking on a celebrity door is the speculation and blame game. We’ve already had Dr. Aretha give us her take, and Sinead O’Conner decided to put on a lab coat to give us her opinion. Which was to accuse Arsenio Hall giving Prince a ton of drugs, including the drugs that may have sent him to the afterworld. Arsenio claimed that he wasn’t Prince pill supplier and slapped back with a $5 million defamation suit.

Sinead, who has been snubbed for Pulitzer prizes and title of Poet Laureate (see: Difficult Browngot on her favorite publishing platform, Facebook, to respond to Arsenio’s suit:

I’m gonna give her points for “ARSE-INIO” because that’s good. It’s exactly the eloquent and creative use of language that I’ve come to expect from her. And what a thrilling turn of phrase “He can suck my dick” is! And so nice to see a through line in her work – she’s always got dick on the mind and manages to slip it in (pun intended!) wherever she can. She really never disappoints and I’m thankful Facebook came into existence because it teases out these delightful and enchanting poems from inside her mind. It takes a real artist to not only have the courage of one’s convictions but to also express them so beautifully. Arsenio better hire some English Lit people for his team because his suit doesn’t stand a chance in the face of such enticing  words.

Pic: Wenn

Arsenio Hall Is Suing Sinead O’Connor For Saying That He Supplied Prince With Drugs

May 5, 2016 / Posted by:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sinead O’Connor looked at this picture of Arsenio Hall shaking hands with Prince from The Arsenio Hall Show back in 2014 and thought: “Hmmm…I’m pretty sure I can make out a little plastic baggie of drugs.

Shortly after Prince left this world and slinked sexily into the next, investigators started looking at whether or not Prince might have died of an overdose. That was Sinead O’Connor’s cue to jump on Facebook and accuse Prince’s “bitchArsenio Hall of being the reason why he may have an overdose. Sinead accused Arsenio of being Prince’s hook-up and claimed she had reported Arsenio to the authorities. She also accused him of spiking her drink at Eddie Murphy’s house a long time ago. Arsenio denied all of Sinead’s accusations, but now he’s taking it one step further by suing her for defamation.

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A Woman Claiming To Be Prince’s Long-Lost Sister Wants A Piece Of The Pie

May 3, 2016 / Posted by:

That “Really, bitch?” side-eye and smirk is the only response I need.

The last time I wrote about the whole “Prince not having a will” situation, I said that it didn’t seem like it would get that messy. Well, to quote anybody who has ever taken advice from me, “Michael, you were wrong, bitch!” Prince didn’t have a will, so Minnesota law states that his entire fortune has to be split up between his 6 surviving siblings. They’ve been in probate hearings the past few days with the special administrator of Prince’s estate, Bremer Trust bank, and Harvey Levin must have the ability to shape-shift into a fly on the wall (or one of the siblings called his ass), because TMZ says that his sister Tyka Nelson stormed out of a meeting on Friday.

A source says that Tyka Nelson believes she should get more than 1/6th of Prince’s estate since she’s his only full sibling. Tyka’s cut may get even smaller. TMZ says that a woman named Darcell Johnston filed documents in Prince’s probate case that claim she’s got sexy purple nymph blood running through her veins. According to  Darcell, she’s the long-lost secret half-sister of Prince and they have the same mother, but different a different dad. Apparently, Prince’s family didn’t know about Darcell until a few days ago.

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