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Katie Price Named Her Daughter “Bunny”

September 15, 2014 / Posted by:

And that is the traumatized look from a newborn baby who has just learned that her name is BUNNY.

Before Katie Price gave birth to the baby she made with her cheating skank of a third husband Kieran Hayler, she said that she planned to name her second daughter “Electra” after her idol Carmen Electra. Electra Hayler sounds like the name of a low-budget superhero that The Weather Channel created to be their new mascot. Electra Hayler is kind of a badass name, so of course Katie didn’t name her that. Because Katie is a pink-loving, Disney-obsessed 8 -year-old rich girl trapped in the body of an exquisite Real Doll (I think I just described Holly Madison too), she named her second daughter Bunny. I bet Bunny wishes she could hop her ass to the nearest courthouse to change her name. It could’ve been a lot worse. Katie tells Ok! Magazine that she wanted to name Harvey Price’s new sister Duchess Kate, because her first daughter’s name is Princess.

“We really struggled to decide on a name. I wanted to call her Duchess Kate or just Duchess, but Kieran didn’t like that, so we’ve chosen Bunny, which we both like. It’s really cute, isn’t it? I considered it being spelt Bunni with a heart above the i, but I don’t think that’s really a part of the English language. I love Duchess Kate, though, so I’ve told Kieran that if we have another daughter that will be her name! I think it goes well with Princess. She would have been Duchess Kate of Brighton.”

Princess and Bunny. Katie realizes she’s naming humans and not white teacup Bichons, right? Katie says that they also tossed around the names Disney, Lady, Precious, Bambi and Peggy. THE FUCK? Somebody stop Katie Price before she gives birth to a third daughter and names the poor child Rapunzella Tiara (Actually, that’s kind of a hot name).

But seriously, I sort of kind of like the name Bunny, because it sounds like the name of an Upper East Side socialite who eats a bowl of Xanax for breakfast, brushes her teeth with champagne, sleeps in a Chanel suit and is the inspiration for nearly every character that Christine Baranski has ever played. Bunny is also a good name, because it’s the name of gold-digging trophy wife icon Bunny Lebowski!


So if somebody ever gives Bunny Hayler a look that says “I’m so sorry” after she tells them her name is Bunny Hayler, she should turn that look of pity into a look of jealousy by saying, “I was named after Bunny Lebowski, bitch.

Katie Price Is Somebody’s Mother For The Fifth Time

August 5, 2014 / Posted by:

Alternate title: Another Lucky Human Gets To Call Earth Angel Harvey Price Her “Brother.”

Katie Price’s fifth baby friend and her second daughter wasn’t supposed to check out of her Botoxed uterus (yes, she botoxed her uterus, because wrinkly wombs are gross) for another 11 days and the c-section was scheduled for August 15, but I guess that child just couldn’t wait to gaze at her mother’s exquisite “sculpted from a block of plastic” face, because she arrived early. Katie’s publicist announced through Twatter last night that she gave birth to the next bundle of adorableness that she’ll pimp out on the cover of OK! and in reality shows. Katie’s second daughter is her second kid with her cheating slut bag husband Kieran Hayler.

Katie’s spokeswhore’s tweet is under 25 words, but I still managed to scream, “JUST TELL US THE NAME,” at least 20 times while reading it. The names of Katie’s four kids are: Harvey Price, Junior Savva Andreas Andre, Princess Tiaammi Crystal Esther Andre and Jett Riviera Hayler. There’s a mixture of normal names and fucked-up names in there, and I have a feeling that she’s really going to bring the baby name fuckery with this kid. Metro says that Katie recently said that she wants to name her daughter “Electra” after Carmen Electra. Only a British orchid like Katie Price would name her kid after American orchid Carmen Electra. Personally, I hope she names her daughter Harveylina Electra Price (HEP!).

Katie let her third husband Keiran Hayler be in the delivery room with her, because she’s trying to make their marriage work. Katie was going to shove divorce papers between Keiran’s ass cheeks after she found out that he cheated on her with two of her friends. In this week’s OK! Magazine (via The Daily Mail), Katie says that Keiran is a sex addict and she’s helping him work through his addiction to puss. Katie knows that Keiran is a sex addict who will bone anything, because he cheated on her with old, ugly easy slut cows instead of with gorgeous, young, stunning, chaste flowers like her. The licensed psychologist put it like this:

“A lot of people would say he’s just a young guy who wants to sleep around, but I’ve learnt a lot through his therapy. I mean, if he’d gone for someone younger, fit body, big tits or pretty, you could at least see he cared who he was with. But two older women who are rank? But it’s because it was easy and just fed his addiction.”

Katie says she’s obsessed with knowing about the adventures of Keiran’s wandering peen and she has video of him fucking her friend in her barn on New Year’s Eve.

“I want to know every detail – when he had sex, how he had it… On New Year’s Eve I had a party here and him and Jane had sex in the barn. I’ve got it on camera because of the CCTV footage. [Kieran]’s broken down over this. And I was glad about that. I found him in the shower curled up in a little ball. He was crying his eyes out.”

Katie is so brave and so courageous for staying with Kieran. She’s an inspiration to us all. The sanctity of marriage is obviously really important to  Katie and she’s not staying with Kieran because she knows she can milk at least 5 more covers of OK! Magazine out of their shitty marriage before dumping him for husband #4. Katie and Keiran staying together is also good news for Harvey, Junior and Princess YTuMamaTambien, because they won’t have to learn ANOTHER stepfather’s first name anytime soon.

Every Trick Is Changing Her Last Name

July 15, 2014 / Posted by:

First, Jessica Simpson changes her last name to Jessica Johnson (which is a little weird since I’m pretty sure John Mayer named his johnson “Jessica“) and now Cheryl Cole has taken the last name of her stranger husband and Katie Price is “thinking” about taking the last name of the estranged husband that supposedly boned her best friend while his baby is growing in her womb. It’s name changing day! Let’s all change our last names, and I would play along and change my name to Michael K Cooper of Wales, but I’m pretty sure the restraining orders stop me from doing so.

Cheryl Cole continued to be the British poster ho for “Bitch, what are you doing?” when she married the French playboy she knew for a grand total of 3 months. Cheryl Cole made Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini her second husband a week ago and just like she did with her first husband, Ashley Cole, she’s taken his last name. Cheryl Cole’s spokeswhore tells The Daily Mail that she’s now Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and she’s probably under a tattoo artist’s needle to change the chav-tastic Mrs. C tattoo on her neck. Cheryl truly keeps finding ways to prove that dickmatization is a real thing. Dick so good it’s got a ho changing her last name after three months. Even though I like the name Cheryl Fernandez-Versini since it sounds like the name of the least popular afternoon local news anchor in the Miami area or like the name of the worst character in a Jackie Collins novel, Cheryl needs to stop with this shit. Is she really going to change her name every time she marries a new dude? Bitch is going to have more last names than the Duchess of Alba by the time she’s 40. Cheryl should just legally change her name to [Insert My Latest Husband's Last Name Here]. It’s simpler and involves less paperwork.

And now onto that other British rose petal who is known for making only the best decisions…

Katie Price was on Fubar Radio and in between talking about how assholes are like vaginas in disguise and how one of her ex-husbands (see: Alex Reid) loves screwing “lady boys,” she said that she’s thinking about taking her cheating whore of a husband Kieran Hayler’s last name. This is a wonderful decision since Katie is supposedly going to divorce Keiran for passing his peen to her best friend.

“I’d love to have the surname but obviously for work it’s Price. Yes, I would do it, with Kieran he’d have to prove himself first before I actually have the name. I’m quite old fashioned, I just want to be in love, have that fairytale, be that perfect wife, have their name, still have your own career because I think that’s important that you’re not in and out of each other’s pockets and stuff.”

Yes, Katie Price is just an old-fashioned kind of girl who probably leaked her that video of her getting toe fucked and most likely staged this whole cheating SCANDAL for maximum attention and is now trying to shamelessly steal the name changing spotlight from Jessica Johnson and Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini! And if she thinks it’s important that she and her husband not always be in each other’s pockets, why is she pissed that he gotten into somebody else’s pocket?

Here’s Katie Price Andre Reid Hayler arriving and leaving Fubar Radio with Princess YTuMamaTambien.


The Definition Of “True Love” Is Meaningless Now: Katie Price Is Getting A Divorce For The 3,495,900th Time

May 7, 2014 / Posted by:

Every divorce court in every county is currently looking for warehouse space to handle all the millions upon millions of divorce papers that will be filed by people who will realize that there’s no way their marriage will work if the marriage between Britain’s second biggest fame whore (behind Simon Cowell, of course) and her third husband (whose name I wouldn’t know if it fucked me good three times and bought me a surf and turf dinner) didn’t work. The wax orange flower who is a gift to the world by association since she gave us earth angel Harvey Price queefed out an ultra dramatic Twitter rant about her marriage this morning. Katie says that her third husband (whose name I wouldn’t know if it knocked on my door, hugged me and gave me lost episodes of Footballers Wives) is a slut bag skank who boned her home wrecking whore of a best friend. The pain of knowing that her third husband of barely a year cheated on her with her friend is more painful than the pain her vagina suffered through when she got athlete’s foot of the puss from letting that dude toe fuck her in her sex tape.

I know you’re probably covered in warm compresses to deal with the SHOCK from learning that Katie Price’s marriage to a stripper she knew for a second has ended, but try to compose yourself to read about her third husband having a full blown sexual affair with her home wrecking slut friend. (Side note: Well, if you’re going to have an affair, you might as well have a full blown one instead of a half blown one, because the latter isn’t enjoyable for anybody.)


Yes, Katie Price is knocked up with her fifth kid (her second with her third husband). So there will be another human who will live a life of inhaling the lead-based orange paint wafting off of their mom’s face and learning a new stepfather’s name every year. Speaking of, I think Harvey Price was just starting to refer to his latest stepfather by his first name instead of, “Hey, you.” Hahaha, no. Harvey Price is too smart for that. He knows that there’s many things in life worth remembering and one of those things is not the name of his mom’s latest husband, because she’s going to get a new one next month.

Here’s sad Katie Price being sad while leaving the house of the best friend who supposedly screwed her husband. Even though she’s all sad inside, Katie is still keeping it glamorous and elegant in ugly coochie cutters, uglier boots and an exquisite garter belt tattoo.

Harvey, Who Dis Woman, Because It Can’t Be Your Mom

February 11, 2014 / Posted by:

Believe it or not, but the vision before you is not a fuck effort Janice Dickinson wax figure made by an artist with arthritis-stricken hands out of melted orange candles, dried bronzer clumps and basketball leather. It’s the saint who gave birth to Britain’s true chosen child: Harvey Price!

I’m guessing that dozens of people squinted their faces into the “The fuck is that?” position when Katie Price sashayed along the red carpet at the London premiere of The Lego Movie on Sunday afternoon. In addition to her new face, Katie brought along three of her kids (Harvey, Princess Tumamatambien and Junior) and her latest husband whose name I forgot and I’m not even going to Google, because really what’s the point? Like her face, bitch is going to have a different one next week. KATIE PRICE’S FACE, though! I don’t know what she did to it this time, but if you pricked her cheek with a needle, a river of fillers would flow out and her entire body would shrivel and fall like a deflating bouncy castle that too many fat kids jumped on.

You know how you’re supposed to teach your kids to not talk to strangers? How the hell does Katie Price tell her kids that it’s okay to trust her even though she’s always got a new face on? Does she introduce her new face to her kids and then read them My Beautiful Mom again?

With all that being said, I have to slow clap for Katie for decorating her herp sores. I’ve always said that whenever you’ve got a cold sore or a wart or a hemorrhoid, cover that bitch in metallic paint, sprinkle some glitter on it and work it proudly. Work that herp sore like it’s a precious jewel, bitch. If a rat carefully chewed off Katie Price’s lip sore and dropped it in my hand, I’d totally wear it as a necklace.


Because We All Need A Dollop Of Whipped Grace And Elegance

October 22, 2013 / Posted by:

So far today, I’ve shat up posts about Kim, Kanye and Pauly D, so obviously we need a palate cleanser to rinse the stank from our retinas and here’s one in the form of beautiful pictures of Harvey Price’s creator and Britain’s answer to Mark Twain, Katie Price, at a photo call in London for Love, Lipstick and Lies, the latest autobiography written by a member of her ghost writing harem. Somewhere, both Zac Efron and Xtina are scratching “Love, Lipstick and Lies” off the list of title possibilities for their memoirs.

While done up like the bachelorette party section of a Party City, Katie Price tried to give us her best sexyface but looked more like she was suffering from smoke inhalation while severely constipated. Several plastic horse dolls were scalped to make Katie’s weave, but they don’t mind, because their polyester manes went to a greater cause. And I know you’re checking Chanel’s site to find out where you can buy that luxuriously exquisite pantyhose catsuit, but sadly for you, you won’t be able to have Katie’s face on your crotch (Side note: Why does she have Pauly D hair?), because it’s custom made.

And after these pictures were taken, Katie mounted that lipstick and fucked the plastic off of it. Expect her to give birth to a litter of plastic lipsticks in 9 months.


Katie Price Is Somebody’s Mother Again

August 18, 2013 / Posted by:

A baby joined the Luckiest Humans In The World Club last Wednesday when he was pulled out of Katie Price’s body and can now call England’s most prized national treasure Harvey Price his brother and can call this delicate flower his mother. The Sun (via HuffPo) says that Katie Price gave birth to her fourth kid, and her first kid with her stripper husband Kieran Hayler, in some foreign land last week.

Katie and Kieran’s son was born 8 weeks early and he weighed in at only 5lbs 2oz. Katie tells The Sun that the experience of giving birth to him was extra traumatic since she was on holiday with her family in Europe somewhere and developed a life-threatening infection (no comment, too easy). Katie was taken to the hospital and told that they had to deliver her son early via C-Section. Kieran wasn’t allowed in the delivery room with Katie and the nurses and doctors barely spoke English. I don’t see a problem with the last part since Katie barely speaks English herself. Katie said this to The Sun about the whole traumatic experience:

“I went through a nightmare. The baby’s heart rate was also really low. The next thing I know, a nurse is in my room saying: ‘Get ready now. You have five minutes to shower. You are having C-section soon.’ I started panicking. I have a terrible fear of needles and I was dreading the epidural. I got in the shower in shock. I kept thinking ‘This will be my last shower before I have my fourth child.’”

“I have a terrible fear of needles,” says the inanimate object made out of Botox who gets pricked with a filler needle every hour on the hour.

Katie was released from the hospital, but her son is still in there and they’re allowed to visit him every day. Katie told The Sun that her and Kieran have decided to name their son JETT RIVIERA. Jett Riviera joins Harvey Price, Princess YTuMamaTambien and Junior as one of Katie’s kids.

Yes, Jett Riviera. Would you expect anything less from one of the most classy and refined ladies in the world? Duchess Kate is slapping her head for not coming up with the name Jett Riviera. Jett Riviera sounds like the name of a cast member on Gigolos and it also sounds like the name of a jet ski rental place in Laughlin, NV. Pure class. One hundred percent.

Here’s Jett Riviera’s mother wearing an outfit modeled after her own coochie lips (actual size) while posing during her a photo call for one of her products last month.


What In Marie Antwatnette Hell?

June 18, 2013 / Posted by:

So this is what it would look like if the Fairy Godmother got drunk on fermented apples, got high on pixie dust and accidentally turned a rotten, worm-filled pumpkin into a royal skank instead of turning it into a carriage.

A knocked up Katie Price got sprayed down with bright orange car paint, put on one of Prince Poppycock’s rejected ensembles and threw the carcasses of a dozen Poochie dolls on her head to pose with her stripper husband Kieran Hayler at the launch of her latest literary masterpiece, which will obviously be studied in depth by lit majors at Cambridge. Since Katie’s latest soon-to-be Booker Prize winner is a romance novel, her stripper husband dressed up like a prince complete with a frog mask (it’s weird that he never took it off, right?) and she did herself up like a fried Cheeto covered in cotton candy . The people at the event whose retinas weren’t burnt off by the UV rays shooting off of Katie’s skin were stunned by the classiness and exquisiteness of it all.

In other Katie Price news, she recently got kicked out of a tanning salon because they wouldn’t let her expose her unborn fetus to the UV rays. Katie told the BBC that the salon was obviously just using her name to get some free publicity and there’s nothing wrong with charbroiling your fetus.

“I think there was a tanning shop opening down the road, so she probably wanted press for her one. You can go on sunbeds when you’re pregnant. It’s ridiculous. Look how brown I am. I’ve have just been on holiday. Is the sun bad for you? But anyway, whatever anyone says, it’s my life and I do what I like.”

Katie Price is one hundred percent correct. Her baby will be fine. I’m pretty sure Tan Mom’s mom conceived her in a tanning bed, birthed her in a tanning bed and used a tanning bed as her crib and she turned out fine! Besides, Katie Price does not want to give birth to a pasty white thing so she might as well tan her fetus while it’s lounging in there. Fetuses need something to do.

Pics:, Splash

Harvey Price Is Going To Be A Brother Again!

February 24, 2013 / Posted by:

Katie Price announced today that soon she’ll birth out the luckiest human alive who gets to call England’s national treasure and earth angel Harvey Price its brother, because she’s knocked up with her fourth OK! Magazine cover baby. When Katie Price married part-time stripper Kieran Hayler in the Bahamas last month, we all heard the sound of a shotgun going off and figured it was just the sanctity of marriage putting a bullet in its head. But nope, that shotgun went off, because Katie Price had a fetus in her womb when she said “I do” to her future ex-husband. Katie told The Sun today that she and Kieran weren’t planning to have a baby together, but sometimes it happens when you and your piece bump crotches bareback-style.

“It’s come as a shock. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous because I’ve experienced miscarriages in the past. But we’re all over the moon. The baby wasn’t part of our plan at this stage but anyone who knows me knows I’m not one for sticking to rules and plans.

I haven’t actually been sick yet but I’m already starting to feel it. I’m having to lie down a fair bit because my stomach feels like a washing machine.”

This will be Kieran’s first kid (that he knows of) and Katie’s fourth. She has two kids, Junior and Princess Tiamamaimaiamiamaimaia, with Peter Andre and she claims that she made Harvey Price with Dwight Yorke, but I’m pretty sure she got pregnant with Harvey via immaculate conception. I read that in the Bible somewhere.

I’m going to choose to ignore that horrific OTM violation and instead congratulate the newest Price. Yes, the newest Price will have a father who will wax its chest and give it a Brazilian when it’s 9 months and yes, one of the first things it will smell will be the rancid cat piss scent of his mother’s self tanner, but it will have Harvey Price as a brother. And that’s the greatest gift of all.

Here’s Katie trying to hide her bump while going to dinner with her stripper husband on VD.

Meet Harvey Price’s Latest Stepfather

January 18, 2013 / Posted by:

Katie Price once again redefined the definition of bridal elegance on Wednesday when she slipped a nip and gave everyone a thigh show after she made part-time stripper Kieran Hayler (or as earth angel Harvey Price probably calls him, “Fuck OFF!“) her third husband in the Bahamas. When Katie married Harvey Price’s first stepfather Peter Andre, she looked like a pink Barbie cake violently diarrhea’d all over her.  When Katie married Harvey’s second stepfather, cross-dressing cage fighter Roxy Baby, she did quickie-style in a Las Vegas wedding chapel. And for her third wedding, Katie got married at Sandals in the Bahamas and wore a classic stripper gown while her future ex-husband wore a sensible mother of the bride blouse. The Sun has the pictures and you should brace yourself for the demure classiness that will hit you after you click over.

Katie and part-time stripper Keiran Hayler have been together for about nine seconds and she tells The Sun that she knew he was destined to be her third husband, because a psychic told her that she would marry a man named KEVIN. “Keiran” is practically Irish for “Kevin” and Katie cares about the sanctity of marriage as much as she cares about having dignity, so she figured why not!

“I saw a medium who told me I’d already met the person I was going to marry. She also said his name was Kevin. Well, Kieran has been after me for a year, ever since we were first introduced by our mutual friend Phil Turner — husband of my make-up artist Gary Cockerill (Note: I wish my last name was Cockerill). Apparently, he’d been asking for my mobile number for ages. And his name is also close to Kevin, so it all became clear. I took a friend with me who made notes during the session with the medium because I wanted to make sure I’d heard everything accurately. Yes, I’m following my heart — but I’m not harming anyone. All I can say is there is no Pricey rulebook. If I feel something is right, I’ll do it, even if it comes out of the blue.”

Katie also said that this is ONLY her third marriage, so get off her ass.

“This is only my third marriage. I did my own Pricey Marriage Survey and discovered I was in good company. Joan Collins has been married five times, Liz Taylor did eight and Zsa Zsa Gabor nine. So there! I get stick, but no one has picked on them for all the marriages they’ve had.”

I’ve always said that a couple that waxes their assholes together, stays together, but I have a feeling that just like a newborn pube sprouting out of Kieran’s crotch follicle, Katie’s wedding ring will be plucked off and thrown into the trash in about ten minutes.

Harvey Price wasn’t at the wedding and I’m not mad at Katie for that. Harvey probably had better things to do like ANYTHING other than going to this wedding. Besides, once you’ve rolled your eyes at one Katie Price wedding, you’ve rolled your eyes at every Katie Price wedding.

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