Courtney Love Is No Lady

June 28, 2011 / Posted by:

According to Showbiz Spy, the lovely, petite, not-bloated-and-saggy-at-all flower known as Courtney Love has been unceremoniously plucked from the garden of Henry Allsopp (godson of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall) while she was trying to get her roots on. The source says she moved in with him last November after they’d been slobbering on each other for about a month, but his family freaked the hell out so he Weed-Be-Gone’d that bitch.

I can’t imagine why the royal family would not welcome the eternally elegant Courtney with open arms, but alas the title of Lady Love eludes her. She said that “These days I’m only interested in plutocrats,” which makes sense because you know there are SO many billionaires who would love to put a fresh daisy like Court in their lapel. You fluff up those petals and go, girl!

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78 responses to “Courtney Love Is No Lady”

  1. guest says:

    That girl is just beat no matter how hard she tries.


    Submitted by DirtyWhoreMouth on Sat, 06/11/2011 – 9:32am.
    It’s ok to be a redneck by the way.. just don’t yell git ‘er done because we all hate that.

  2. Grandma_Wrinkles says:

    Submitted by Lucifer_Sam on Tue, 06/28/2011 – 10:10am.

    Only a brave man would let his dick anywhere near that landfill site.


    No kidding! I shudder to think about her genital region.


    “Never eat more than you can lift.” Miss Piggy

  3. AfroBanger says:

    Haha, love the link you provided of the “fresh” flower. Good one! Courtney is the definition of a hot as mess. Why anyone would want to slobber on her while sober is beyond me.
    *~*ღ ✾✻ ✻✾ ღ*~*

  4. Kerfuffles says:

    Why would you move in with somebody after only a month of dating? Especially if that somebody was Courtney Love.

  5. little_rascal says:

    Maybe she wasn’t welcome in the hoity-toity family because she’s a lowly commoner? Maybe Lady Caca would fit in, being nobility and all…

  6. perky says:

    Despite her despicable behavior, I cannot help feeling sorry for this woman. I feel sorry for her the same way I feel sorry for Mackenzie Phillips. I feel like neither one of these women even had a chance at being normal. During her brief flashes of sobriety, Courtney seems like a halfway intelligent and somewhat talented human being. Her acting was not too shabby in that Larry Flint movie, and I would have loved to see more of what she had to offer. Instead, she’s just remembered for throwing her shoes and purse contents at Madonna and flashing her crotch while drunkenly crowd surfing at music festivals. Sad, pitiful shame.

  7. Sexy Pants says:

    The Royal Family is just afraid that she’ll try to seduce Prince Hot Ginge.

  8. jazzfish_77 says:

    Plutocrats? Why must she drag innocent Disney characters into this mess?

  9. perky says:

    OMG I love the “B*tch PLEASE” side-eye from the guy in the blue t-shirt, stage right. HAHA!

  10. Daniee says:

    I have always thought she really is a brilliant actress, but she seemed to have wanted it for the wrong reasons, i.e. attention, love etc, so it isn’t going to work out then.
    Now, that her daughter has left she has no one and for that, I feel sorry ofr her, Although, Frances put in so much effort and stuck it out as long as possible it seems trying to maintain some relationship.

  11. Thornhill says:

    Oh g’d now my chance has come at last…
    You simply cannot fathom the immensity of the f*ck I do not give..

  12. Bjork You says:

    What kind of grown man his age listens to his family about who he should date and live with? Pussy.

  13. Preferred Username says:


    Her career is ovah! She occupies her time fucking, sucking, ranting (poor Frances Bean) and tweeting. If not for the internet, she would have no relevance at all. Her claim to fame died with Kurt (May he RIP) Cobain.

  14. Jintess says:

    I wish Cobain could come back from the dead just long enough to make it so he never hooked up with her.

  15. Provolone says:

    She said that “These days I’m only interested in plutocrats,”

    She said percocets wrong.

  16. Jill-The-Ripper says:

    I swear I saw Courtney in traffic last night. I know it really wasn’t her driving in a yuppie suburb of Pittsburgh, but it looked like her.
    Bitch was pale white, bleached blonde fried hair, driving a faded red convertible wearing matching faded red lipstick.

  17. perky says:

    Amen to that Daniee! Spot on.

  18. Grandma_Wrinkles says:

    Submitted by Bjork You on Tue, 06/28/2011 – 10:22am.

    What kind of grown man his age listens to his family about who he should date and live with? Pussy.


    Any male connected with royalty and maybe a few mamma boys


    “Never eat more than you can lift.” Miss Piggy

  19. urmomma says:

    I loved her in the Larry Flynt flick, but that was soooo long ago. And I am pretty sure that was the last time bitched bathed….slap antennas on the trick’s head and call a cockroach a cockroach.

    Hell, everything would be better with stick ponies-MK

  20. Miami says:

    She is like Amy Winehouse in the sense that when she is making music, she is talented and it is good. It’s a waste of a talented person as she has done fuck all in years.

    For the record, Henry friends and family have know about Courtney for months (like over six). It’s not like they found out yesterday and he is just now kicking her to the curb. He got tired of her antics, and caved into pressure.

    There is only so much of CLove one can take, especially if you are fairly sober.

  21. Kerfuffles says:

    Submitted by Bjork You on Tue, 06/28/2011 – 10:22am.

    A royal? Somebody worried about being left out of a cushy will? Doesn’t mean he’s not a pussy though.

  22. Kerfuffles says:

    Submitted by perky on Tue, 06/28/2011 – 10:15am.

    I actually like Hole, but they tell me most of the credit for it goes to one of the other girls.

  23. Daniee says:

    Hole – Kurt wrote 70% of the music apparantly and yup, another one of the bandmates wrote the lyrics.
    Still think Court used to be a brilliant actress though. That’s part of being a good front person of a band I think. I mean, she ‘s no David Lee-Roth or anything doing somersaults, but pretty darn entertaining.

  24. caprica six says:

    I dig the dress a bit. Her i’ll tolerate in small doses so long as she’s not lounging over some hotel chair buck naked and dimply. No.


    “…For his own good, tell Bruce Lee and the karate kids none of us are carrying automatic weapons. BECAUSE, HERE, IN THIS COUNTRY, IT DON’T ADD INCHES TO YOUR D**K!” -Francis Costello, The Departed

  25. You_Complete_Me. says:

    Even if Ms. Love’s crotch reeks like a flattened stink-bug colony, this is the price we need pay for brilliance.

    I love her because she biffed her make-up compact (not once, but multiple times) @ Madonna’s head during a live Madonna interview and crashed the hell out of the situation.


    < <<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>
    I am not here to fight. I am here to make love.

  26. Nanners says:

    *knock, knock*

    “Trannyface-gram for Ms Love!”

    twerk those stumps!

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