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“The Bachelor” Creator Mike Fleiss Reunited With His Wife Laura Fleiss After Messy, Messy Break Up

November 5, 2019 / Posted by:

Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss (no relation to Heidi Fleiss, which is shocking because they’re both pimps who sometimes get served restraining orders) is back with his wife Laura Fleiss. Normally a couple reuniting would be a good thing, considering she’s carrying his second child and they already have a child together. But this wasn’t a normal situation, as their July break-up was dark. It allegedly involved verbal and physical abuse and him being angry she didn’t have an abortion. It ended with a restraining order, which was later dropped.

Sooo I can’t imagine too many people are stoked Laura decided to take him back, not to mention that he looks someone who would go on that Vh1 reality show The Pickup Artist and come in third.

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Dean McDermott Compares Vacationing With His Kids To An Orgy

September 25, 2019 / Posted by:

Dean McDermott recently came back from a 10-day vacation with his five kids and wife Tori Spelling, and he described the adventure in the way that only a class act like Dean could by calling it an orgy in your honor with your five kids.” Okay, I don’t know how many orgies Dean Mcdermott has been to but it sounds like he’s been doing them all wrong. And I have a feeling that when they got home from their vacation, Tori and Dean found another orgy at their front door in the form of a bunch of riled-up bill collectors wondering how they could go on vacation when their bills are 865 weeks past due.

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Amy Heckerling Responds To Chris Kattan’s Claims He Felt Pressured To Have Sex With Her

July 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Chris Kattan revealed in his book Baby, Don’t Hurt Me that he felt pressured to have sex with director Amy Heckerling by both Amy and Lorne Michaels during the pre-production period of A Night At The Roxbury’s. Chris wrote that after he rejected the idea of having sex with Amy, Lorne told him that Paramount would not make the movie with her as director, and it “wouldn’t hurt” to fuck her. (Amy ended up not directing A Night At The Roxbury but stayed on as producer.)

Amy’s daughter Mollie Heckerling (who happens to be the love child of Harold Ramis and Amy Heckerling) defended her mom saying that “the affair” started well into the movie’s production and her mom broke off an engagement to Bronson Pinchot (aka Balki from Perfect Strangers) to be with Chris. Mollie also stated that her mom is a very private person and would never comment on this messiness.

Well….Amy Heckerling has decided to not be a “very private person” anymore to comment on the claims we all heard a couple of months ago. And I guess it took her a couple of months to figure out how to eloquently respond in an eloquent way and she did just that by calling Chris a nut with an idiot book.

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