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Simon Pegg Got Skinny Ripped For A Movie

March 3, 2019 / Posted by:

Simon Pegg is looking radically… different? A picture of the usually perfectly average bodied actor was posted online ahead of the release of his new film Inheritance, which shows him looking positivelyI’m not sure “ripped” is the right word, or whatever the word is for looking like he has forgone acting to live in a backwoods Pennsyltucky trailer park where he spends his days and nights scratching imaginary spiders off of his face and binge eating Skittles. Simon has either gotten the hot Neville Longbottom treatment or the hot mess Aaron Carter treatment. Either way, like the Shibu Inu 6 cameras (but not as cute) I dare you to try and turn away from this photo.

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Sequins-Covered International Treasure Dolly Parton Did A Generous Act Of Charity Last Night

April 4, 2016 / Posted by:

Because yesterday was a Sunday, ANOTHER country music awards show happened, but this one was a little more special than the others, because it honored the one-of-a-kind legend in an angelic wig: Dolly Parton! At the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas last night, Dolly was given the Tex Ritter Award for her TV movie Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, which aired last December. God himself should’ve shot down from Heaven to present the award to one of his greatest creations, but Katy Perry did it for some reason. Maybe Dolly Parton’s future successor Lisa Gail was already booked last night?

While appropriating country glamour culture by doing herself up like Cowboy Curtis’ side piece Drugstore Cowgirl Katy 99 Cent Store Cowgirl Katy, Orlando Bloom’s current boo presented her “hero” Dolly Parton with the award and afterward, the two yodeled out a medley that included “Coat of Many Colors,“Jolene” and “9 to 5.” Never mind that Katy Perry should’ve been arrested for that discount Halloween costume, she should’ve dropped her mic and dosey doe’d into the audience so that Dolly could’ve had the stage to herself! But Dolly probably wouldn’t have wanted that. Dolly is as charitable as she is gorgeous and was kind enough to let a musical lesser perform with her:

When is Dolly Parton going to get the sainthood she clearly deserves? I mean, she should get it for the simple fact that she resisted the urge to snatch that $4 “Flo from Progressive” wig off of Katy Perry’s head. Wearing that wig in front of the goddess of wigs is breaking all the commandments.

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