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The Rumor That Timothée Chalamet Spread Chlamydia Around NYU Is Flaring Up Again On Twitter

June 16, 2020 / Posted by:

24-year-old Timothée Chalamet is making the rounds of Twitter again, but not because he’s a dreamy, angular twink who sort of looks like if Edward Cullen went to modeling school and was unable to grow pubic hair. He’s making waves for a rumor which popped up about him in the past. It seems that Timothee has gotten blamed for a big chlamydia outbreak when he went to NYU and friends of friends of friends say this is true. Someone call the peach from Call Me By My Name. It needs to get checked out!

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Usher Wants A Judge To Fine One Of The People Accusing Him Of Giving Them Herpes

July 12, 2019 / Posted by:

Usher is taking some legal action of his own against one of the people accusing him of giving them herpes. During a recent deposition in the case of Usher being sued for allegedly being fast and loose with his peen-maintenance–one of Usher’s accusers refused to answer questions and now Usher is saying she needs to be fined and he can come to collect the $2,500 he’s owed at the court’s earliest convenience.

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The Stagecoach Festival Also Treated Guests To Another Round Of Herpes

April 30, 2019 / Posted by:

Many of the festival goers at Coachella were in attendance because they wanted to get trashed, have their ears dry humped by shitty pop hits and maybe, along the way, wet hump on a few fellow guests. Unfortunately, what these folks didn’t know is that their two-person hook-ups may have turned into threesomes thanks to one very special guest, The Herpes, who was also in attendance.

So although some people may have been itching to see their favorite musical acts, others were itching because they forgot to pack Valtrex in their overnight bags. And many of those same folks must have decided to stick around for Coachella’s just as boozy cowboy hat and leather chaps wearing sister, because there’s a new report that the Stagecoach festival, held the weekend after Coachella at the same venue, also had a few reports of herpes outbreaks as well.

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Having Herpes Is A “Bachelor” Contestant No-No

February 27, 2018 / Posted by:

There’s a new book coming out soon called Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure in which it is revealed that the number one killer of a Bachelor bunny dreams is a case of the herp. The New York Post reports that the most common reason a lady gets booted off the cast list is coming up positive for an STD during the required medical exam. Sorry ladies, that infectious smile of yours just isn’t gonna cut it.

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