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Kaley Cuoco’s Already Got A New Piece

December 16, 2015 / Posted by:

Kaley Cuoco quit her husband of 21 months Ryan Sweetsomethingoranother three months ago and in between fighting over money and other stuff, she found time to get herself a brand new piece. UsWeekly says that 30-year-old Kaley is humping on 46-year-old British actor Paul Blackthorne from Arrow and Lipstick Jungle (Never 4get Lipstick Jungle). Kaley recently posted that picture on Instagram of her wearing a t-shirt from Paul Blackthorne’s anti-poaching charity and she probably did it because he’s currently poaching her pussy.

The “insider” said these riveting words about Kaley and this Blackthorne dude:

“It’s new, but she’s really excited about it,” says an insider.

Adds the source, “Kaley’s doing great postdivorce.”

I’m sure a bunch of hating whores are rolling their eyes while saying, “That trick has always gotta be on a man.” Um, they obviously didn’t read what the insider said. The insider said that it’s NEW. It’s been three long months since Kaley broke up with her husband. You’d think that by now, she would’ve fast-tracked her divorce, married a new piece and already picked out their side-by-side grave sites for when they die after spending a lifetime together. Although, “new” to Kaley might mean that she’s engaged and has already tattooed the date that he touched her genitals onto her crotch.

But really, I won’t believe that these two are a thing until I see staged pictures of them holding hands in a grocery store parking lot.

And here’s pictures of Kaley’s new piece at the TCAs a few months ago.


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