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Candace Cameron Bure’s Daughter Slammed JoJo Siwa For Her “Rudest Celebrity Comment”

July 29, 2022 / Posted by:

The Juicy Celebrity Feud Factory must be on summer hiatus, because this milquetoast one just keeps dragging on. Last week, Dance Moms alum/tween girl idol/walking glowstick JoJo Siwa made a TikTok outlining several of her celeb encounters and revealed that Candace Cameron Bure, of Full/Fuller House and Hallmark Christmas movie fame, had been rude to her. At that point, she gave no further context, leaving her followers intrigued and prompting Candace to post a Bible verse–which let’s be real, she would have probably posted anyway, because Candace gonna Candace. But being called “rude” must have really frosted DJ Tanner’s tips, because she gave JoJo a call to find out what she did that upset her. People speculated that maybe the incident had something to do with JoJo recently coming out as gay and Candace being uber Christian, but it had nothing to do with that.  Apparently, Candace found out that she snubbed an 11-year-old JoJo when she asked for a photo on the Fuller House premiere red carpet and that it was a “rough experience” for JoJo. Apologies were exchanged and all seemed well, until Candace’s daughter, Natasha Bure, stepped into the ring by posting an Instagram Story crafted to snatch JoJo’s bow and defend her mother’s honor.

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