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Apparently, Paul Newman Learned Everything He Knew About Sex From His Wife Joanne Woodward

October 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Most people romanticize Old Hollywood as a time with decency and morals, but that’s all a bunch of lies because they were just as corrupt back then as modern celebrities. They just didn’t have Instagram. But if they did, Hollywood power couple Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward would have been known as the couple that enjoys LOTS of sex. But Paul didn’t really know how to please a woman until Joanne pulled out her Pandora’s box of treats to buss it wide all over him inside a special room they affectionately referred to as the “fuck hut.”

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Open Post: Hosted By The $1 A Night Hotel In Japan That Comes With A Catch

November 21, 2019 / Posted by:

USA Today reports that a new hotel has opened in Japan that is perfect for YouTubers, people who have sex on camera, and people who are afraid of getting murdered in a strange hotel. I mean, that could still happen, but at this one, your murder will be live-streamed. So your killer will be caught on camera. Yes, a hotel has opened which will live-stream camera feeds from rooms for a guest’s full stay. But the stay will only cost you $1 a day.

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A Woman Is Suing Billy Idol For Standing Her Up For A Hotel “Meet And Greet”

October 22, 2018 / Posted by:

Apparently, even though the year is 2018 and Billy Idol is 62 years of age, lusty ladies are still more than willing to drop their panties for him. Not only will they drop their panties, they will drop every fucking thing in their damn life for a chance at one night in heaven with the sneering rocker. Well, at least one lady was, and now she’s suing Billy for standing her up.

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