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Open Post: Hosted By A Man And His Cat Named Spaghetti Who Both Wore Unusual Attire To Burgle A House

July 10, 2019 / Posted by:

If you pull up to your house to find somebody has left a bottle of cider and a bunch of ceremonial knives on top of your car, the obvious conclusion is that there is probably a cat wearing a t-shirt in your crawl space. Like, I don’t know what else you’d expect, but somehow a Gresham, Oregon homeowner was actually surprised to find Spaghetti the cat (Never 4get the OG Spaghetti Cat) chilling in his crawl space, and Spaghetti’s owner, 38-year-old Ryan Douglas Bishop, also chilling in his crawl space while wearing his fiancé‘s “Christmas onesie”. I’m like, duh! Why else would there be a cat-shaped hole punched into the wall? But according to Fox 12, the homeowner was surprised nonetheless and called the police to report a burglary in progress which was totally unfair to Spaghetti. He wasn’t the one who ate just the bottom part of a cupcake out of the refrigerator! #FreeSpaghetti

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