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Fan Bingbing Is Finally Talking About Her Tax Evasion Case

August 7, 2019 / Posted by:

Last year, Fan Bingbing gave Carmen Sandiego a run for her money after she went missing and had everyone wondering “Where in the world is Fan Bingbing? No really, where is she.” Fan got tied up in a Chinese tax evasion scam and was allegedly banned from acting for three years, but no one could really find out the truth from Fan herself, because she could not be found.

In reality, Fan hadn’t disappeared into thin air. She was being held under a type of house arrest, and was facing $100 million in fines. In April of this year, Fan made her first public appearance. This whole situation has been shady from top-to-bottom, so of course I was convinced the Fan that appeared in public was a super-realistic hologram to distract us from the real Fan’s whereabouts. But that’s not the case, because the real Fan recently gave an interview to The New York Times, and she’s explaining what’s up.

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Fan Bingbing Is Back And Will Still Star In The All-Female Action Film “355”

April 11, 2019 / Posted by:

Fan Bingbing is back back. The formerly-most famous Chinese actress is finally returning after all of her financial and legal issues. Fan got in trouble for a legitimate amount of tax evasion in China and ended up spending some time at a “resort” of sorts–if you consider Guantanamo Bay a resort. Well now that she’s out of the clink, she needs a new gig to help get money back in her no-longer-fraudulent bank account, and she’s got a pal in Jessica Chastain who is graciously allowing this felon to still be in her all-female action movie, 355.

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Fan Bingbing Is Now Out Of Jail

October 5, 2018 / Posted by:

We have news on where China’s highest-paid actress, Fan Bingbing, has been hiding out the last few months. And, mama, it’s something.

Fan Bingbing is facing over $100 million in fines and backtax payments from the Chinese government for pulling a scheme to avoid paying taxes on her very fat paychecks. Fan had previously been missing from public life and her social media accounts for quite some time, and it was rumored she was banned from acting. Well, now we know where Fan was the entire time and it wasn’t the Chateau Marmont. Continue reading


Fan Bingbing Is Still Missing, May Be In Jail

September 12, 2018 / Posted by:

Let’s play Where In The World Is Fan Bingbing? Because apparently that girl is MIA.

Fan Bingbing, who is China’s highest-paid actress, is reportedly being investigated for a classic case of tax evasion and had been banned from acting for three years. She was alleged to be using “Yin and Yang” contracts where one of her contracts would get reported to the tax department and the other, fatter contract would remain in her bank account. Her social media activity pretty much stopped and she hadn’t been seen in public since early July… and she still hasn’t. Continue reading

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