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Page Six Says That Constance Wu Demanded Top Billing For “Hustlers”

July 25, 2019 / Posted by:

Constance Wu has already been labeled a difficult diva with an evil bunny sidekick who leaves a wake of bunny poo destruction everywhere they go. She threw a hissy fit on Twitter after learning that the show that made her a star, Fresh  Off The Boat, got renewed (because she wanted to do another project) and there’s already been talk that she was a menace on the set of Hustlers. Now there’s a rumor that Constance Wu demanded top billing over Jennifer Lopez, who is a bigger star and produced the whole thing. Err, if Constance Wu actually won a diva-off with JLo and made it out alive, then she deserves that dumb top billing win.

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Constance Wu’s Bunny Has Been Accused Of Being A Bigger Menace Than Her! 

May 20, 2019 / Posted by:

Every good villain needs an animal sidekick for them to slowly pet as their mind fills with diabolical plans of destruction, like destroying JLo’s reputation as the biggest ice cold diva terror on any set, and destroying any tiny shreds of respect that the cast and crew of your show had for you. And Constance Wu has an animal sidekick in her pet bunny named Lida Rose! Don’t let that cutesy furry face fool you, Lida Rose (that’s a really hot and perfect name for a villain sidekick, honestly) is more than happy to carry out her malevolent mistresses’ wicked plans, and Lida Rose has a not-so-secret weapon: her butthole. Lida Rose’s ass is more destructive than that of a newbie bottom while getting butt boned right after eating Taco Bell and not douching.

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