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Jada Pinkett-Smith Admits She Had Something Going On With August Alsina But That She And Will Smith Were Separated At The Time

July 10, 2020 / Posted by:

A little over a week ago, 27-year-old singer August Alsina told the story about how he got it on with 48-year-old Jada Pinkett-Smith a few years ago and that he fell in love with her. August also said that 51-year-old Will Smith gave his blessing to hump on Jada. I, for one, shrugged since there have been rumors for years that Will and Jada keep OPEN signs on their genitals when it comes to doing other people. But Jada’s rep quickly issued a statement, saying that August’s claims were “absolutely not true.” Well, Jada has taken to her Facebook show Red Table Talk (of course) to say that she did have a relationship with August but that she and Will were broken up at the time. Jada also denied approving the denial her rep gave. So let’s see, Jada probably lied and while doing so tried to make August look like the liar. Somewhere on a planet far away, L. Ron Hubbard’s space ghost is perched on a meteor, beaming with pride over how non-Scientologist Jada is acting like a Scientologist.

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August Alsina Claims He Had A Relationship With Jada Pinkett Smith, And That Will Smith Was Okay With It

July 1, 2020 / Posted by:

The rumors about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith being in an open marriage have been around for so long. And that would be fine, because if Red Table Talk has taught me anything, it’s that Jada’s mom looks like an ageless hologram, and that Will and Jada have a healthy, stable marriage. And it’s a good thing their marriage is so steady, because August Alsina has come along and confirmed the alleged rumor that he was getting jiggy with Jada. However, August can talk as much as he wants, because Jada denies it.

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