KAPS LOCK KANYE Is Back And Going Off On Jimmy Kimmel

September 26, 2013 / Posted by:

This probably just another Kimmel-produced stunt (I trust NO ONE), but Kanye Kardashian was back to being old Kanye tonight when he went on an ALL-CAPS Twitter rant over some stupid shit. Kanye supposedly burst a vein on his asshole over the parody that Kimmel did of his ridiculous ass BBC Radio 1 interview. Kimmel’s parody was just two kids (who have five times the maturity of Kanye) re-enacting Kanye’s interview. Shit wasn’t even that bad, but Kanye is freaking out and now #ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL is my new favorite hash tag. Kanye should get that tattooed in pink ink on his taint if he isn’t already.

And Jimmy Kimmel claims this isn’t a prank, but you’ll have to watch his show tonight to find out what this is really about. Uh huh….

Actually, this might not be a prank, because Kanye has enough crazy in his brains to really believe that Kim Kardashian is good pussy.


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